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Kaiji: All-Important Money Talk
Learn what you need to know to survive the tumultuous Japanese economy from the widely popular manga Kaiji, which is about a young man who struggles with corporate giants.

『Kaiji: All-Important Money Talk』
254 pages
April 2013
1,500 yen (w/o tax)

This is an installment in a very popular manga series called Kaiji in which the author, an economics journalist, explains the workings of money. He says that what we're lacking is the knowledge needed to use and save money.
This book contains indispensable knowledge about using and saving money--knowledge that will help you survive in this world. So important is this knowledge that one would even say it outweighs life in importance.

The first chapter points out a number of traps in the "salary" that governs our lives. Why is it that many people lament about how their salaries aren't enough? The explanation for this lies in our proven habits of thinking about economics which the author interprets.

The second chapter explains why it is important for us to take care of our money. As seen in the trap set by the corporate giant in Kaiji, it talks about a society that legally steals money from us.

Chapter three explains investment, a topic that will soon garner the most attention in today's Japan, where enormous changes are under way; in other words, it offers knowledge on how to use money. In a fast-aging society where we are told that we need to put away 100 million yen for our old age, there's no end to the number of people who go bankrupt after pouring all their retirement money into investments. The author talks about what you need to know to avoid gambling with your life.

Chapter four introduces four concepts about money that are imperative for anyone who wants to interact with money in the right way. For those of us who cannot escape the monetary economy, how we think about money can set the standard in our lives and lifestyles. Finally, from an economic perspective, the author thought of a way to save Kaiji. We can learn from Kaiji's fight with a desperate gamble. What can really save people who are struggling with money? This book is for all the people who don't know the true character of money.

From the Table of Contents:
Introduction: Welcome, worthless ladies and gentlemen
Chapter 1: Low salary? Time for a reality check!
Chapter 2: You have to take care of your money yourself!
Chapter 3: The ignorant lose before the fight begins!
Chapter 4: Master money concepts for a landslide victory!
Epilogue: What you really need to avoid money troubles

From the editor:
I used to read Kaiji when I started working as a full-time employee. It is a popular serial publication in Young Magazine (Kodansha) and has been made into animation, movies, games, phone applications, and pachinko pinball machines. I had always thought it would be nice to have a Kaiji book, and then one day I got an email from Mr. Kogure asking if I had ever read Kaiji. I had no idea that there was such a great concept involved, so I immediately answered that I had. I was so happy when I found out about the project idea that I could hardly stay still. Please equip yourself with knowledge about money to avoid ending up like Kaiji.
Author:Taichi Kogure
Taichi Kogure is the author of an introductory economics book and an economics journalist. He has written numerous books, including How Long Will We Keep Working Like This? (Seikaisha-Shinsho), The Easiest Economics Textbook Ever (Diamond), and It's Time to Talk about Adam Smith: Happiness, Ethics and Economics You Should Aim For (Matoma). His books have sold a total of 800,000 copies.
After graduating as an economics major from Keio Gijuku University, he worked for Fuji Film, Cyber Agent, and Recruit before he became self-employed. He has an established reputation since his school days as a person who can explain difficult things in a simple way. While in university, his self-published book explaining economics became an explosive hit within the school. The book is still required reading for economics majors and is now a long-selling hit.
He has a good reputation among people everywhere who say that he is the only experienced businessperson who talks and communicates with others at their level. He gives lectures at many companies, universities, and groups.

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