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The 34 Methods Only the Top 5% of Salespeople Know Satoshi Goto , Yuji Otsubo
51 Keys to Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow Matsuo Iwata
51 Keys to Becoming a Reliable Subordinate Matsuo Iwata
Act the Fool and Be Successful Kazuyoshi Komiya
The AMWAY Series Kaoru Nakajima
Budo in Business and Life Kenji Ushiro
Business Essentials and Wisdom for Life: The Teachings of Spiritual Merchant Baigan Ishida Masayoshi Yamaoka
The Comic Edition Series
Don't Sit Down for Lunch! Hirofumi Ichimura
How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information into a Single Page Suguru Asada
If You Want to Be Rich, Don't Work. Akio Yamada
An Indian Multimillionaire's Alchemy of Success Sachin Chowdhery
The Illustrated , "At A Glance" Series
The Kyocera PhilosophyKazuo Inamori
Make Your Wife the Head of the Company Right AwayJin Sakashita
Memory Techniques Makoto Ito
Miracle Sales Masaaki Yamamoto
People and Money Hitori Saito
Personnel Training School Yukio Funai
Reliable Men and Unreliable Men Mitsuka Nomachi
A Compass to Fulfillment Kazuo Inamori
Successful Salespeople Don't Beg! Akira Kagata
Successful Salespeople Don't Sell Products! Akira Kagata
Taxi Drivers Will Teach You About Life and Management Kazuyoshi Komiya
Thought Training Makoto Ito
You Can Do Almost Anything If You Prepare Tadamitsu Matsui
Want Better Results? Get Rid of Your Notes! Koki Aiba
Why Are Decisive People Successful? Naoki Koseki
Words of Zen for the Workplace Kiyohiko Shimazu
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