Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--October 2015 Issue

201210topiSUNMARK PUBLISHING’s very latest catalog is packed full of our bestselling titles from self-help and spirituality to business skills and heart-warming fiction. It also works as our company brochure. It is available in a print edition. Nowadays, online catalogs are the mainstream, but we believe a printed catalog has a very special meaning especially for us as a publisher, so we continue publishing it in print using high-quality bond paper.
You can pick up a copy from our stand at Hall 6.0 C105, during this year’s Frankfurt International Book Fair, which will be held from the 14th to the 18th of October 2015.

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Topic of the Month

Marie Kondo’s second book in English will be out on the market in January 2016.

Marie Kondo’s first book in English, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has become a worldwide sensation and social phenomenon. She has been picked up by numerous media all over the world since then. Following this success especially in the U.S. market, Kondo will publish a new book in the U.S. and U.K. in January 2016, entitled Spark Joy. In Spark Joy, Kondo instructs us on how to organize specific items in the home–how to declutter our belongings, how to fold clothing, how to arrange kitchen utensils and bathroom items, and so on. By using her unique techniques, readers can easily organize their living space, which will spark joy in their lives.

Hot Titles

Are You Listening to What Your Body Is Telling You?

by Keiko Takimura


192 pages / July 2015 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

A pharmacist who has helped 180,000 people understand what their body is trying to tell them teaches us how to listen for ourselves.


Do you feel your body is in poor condition? Are you experiencing a sore back, throat, knees, shoulders or eyes? According to the author, Keiko Takimura (aka Takki Sensei), people who suffer the same symptoms share the same habits. People with lower back pain, for example, tend to feel underappreciated. They feel their great efforts to keep themselves moving are going unnoticed. Some will hold in their anger and allow it to build up. People with symptoms involving the throat tend to have a negative self-image, allowing those who ignore them to get inside their heads. With its embryological explanations of how the body works, this book can be considered a “user’s manual of the body.” She explains what each part of our body is trying to tell us when we feel certain symptoms in a way only “Takki Sensei” could. When we feel our body isn’t in the best condition, it’s very easy to feel down. Even repeating the same prescriptions may not help to fix the problem. In order to understand the exact cause of any health condition, we need to learn to understand the messages being sent by our bodies as symptoms. If you learn to pay attention to your body’s messages, your health condition will return to the way you wish it to be. This book can help you understand the habits that are brought about by your environment, and allow you to live the life you’ve been hoping for. 

From the table of contents

– People who can’t resist taking meds
– Sickness is informing you that something is wrong
– The body’s key to understanding itself
– Dealing with pain would be easier if we could see it
– Are your heart and brain opposing each other?
– This is what your body is saying!
– Eyes — You’re overly influenced by those around you
– Throat — You’re not getting your point across
– Where do thinking habits come from?
– How to trust your body more

From the editor

Takki Sensei’s charm can be described as warm and permeating. She is able to teach us laymen about our bodies with great care and detail. The “permeating” aspect of her charm comes from the way she speaks. With her soft Kobe accent and kind way of asking questions, she gives off a pleasantness I had never experienced before. This pleasantness also comes through in her writing in Are You Listening to What Your Body Is Telling You? It’s a book that deserves to be in every home. Let this be the new medication that helps improve the dialogue between your body and self.


Keiko Takimura

Keiko Takimura, known affectionately as “Takki Sensei,” was born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in 1957. A graduate of Kobe Pharmaceutical University’s Pharmaceutical Department, she is a pharmacist, a psychological counsellor authorized by the Japan Mental Health Association, and a qualified EHON Therapist recognized by the EHON Therapist Association. After spending 20 years counselling about 180,000 people as a pharmacist, she realized that “people who suffer the same symptoms share the same habits.” This inspired her to begin studying the connection between the heart and the body within the fields of Eastern medicine, physiology and psychology. Using the knowledge and experience gained from her studies, she works as a “translator,” telling her patients what each part of their body is trying to convey to them. When she worked as a pharmacist at a drugstore, her peers selected her as one of the nation’s top 150 sales experts. For the last five years, her bright Kobe personality has attracted over 5,000 people to her more than 300 lectures and lessons. “Symptoms of the body and heart condition are interconnected” is a message Takki Sensei wishes to pass on to as many people as possible, influencing her to start “Karada Uranai,” or “Body fortune-telling.” Karada Uranai is becoming recognized for the clear understanding of the body that it provides. Understanding and being thankful for the body we were born with will allow us to be more active in our lives.

How to Stick to One Thing for a Long Period

by Tadaaki Kobayashi


174 pages / July 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

You can't continue a task that you don't know how to complete. What amazing method can stop you from giving up too easily?


Human actions consist of three steps: “begin,” “proceed” and “finish.” For various reasons, one of these three steps will not go well. In other words, your progress slows as you hit a wall. Those who can’t change their habits have this in common. This means that if you resolve what it is that’s slowing progress, your habits will become easier to change. This book, How to Stick to One Thing for a Long Period, introduces a method for making this possible. Even though people tell themselves they will start something today, work on it every day or give up a bad habit immediately, many people suffer setbacks when it comes to reaching their goal, be it English study, acquiring qualifications, exercise, diet, or giving up cigarettes and alcohol. However, there is no need to feel regret or to blame yourself. The reason you give up easily isn’t because you’re weak-willed. Fickleness, a lack of endurance, being too easy on yourself and a lack of seriousness are all possible reasons. Not being able to change your habits is what is keeping you from continuing something for a long period. After reading the methods introduced in this book, you will be able to “finish what you start.”

From the table of contents

2. Not trusting yourself
7. Becoming clumsy
8. Exciting your brain
12. Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages
19. Knowing your tendency to quit
22. Looking for pleasure “outside of yourself”
32. Keeping logic out of the equation
34. Putting things off

From the editor

I am definitely one of Tadaaki Kobayashi’s target readers. I have always been quick to give up on things, changing my hobby every week when I was a student. One time, I decided to study English because I was going on a trip overseas, but from the very next day I had already forgotten about it. There are countless more things I started but never finished. Despite all of this, I have been continuing with a diet for over a month now! I can’t believe it myself. Putting this book’s methods to use has helped me stick to my diet. I don’t think very many people are as easy on themselves as I am, but even I have found success with the help of this book. I recommend that everyone read it.


Tadaaki Kobayashi

Tadaaki Kobayashi is a business coach and Web consultant. He started his blog while working for an IT company in 2004. He became an avid blogger, ultimately leading him to work as a Web consultant. Furthermore, the newsletter Turn Knowledge into a Strength, which he started soon after launching his blog, has been in publication for over 10 years and is considered a classic. He also reads one book a day, having read over 10,000 so far. While managing millions of promotional videos on his blog every year, he leads seminars and workshops. His works as an author include Eliminating Pointless Tasks (SB Creative Corp.) and Making the Smartphone 10 Times Easier to Use (Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.).