Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--May 2015 Issue

201505_shinoHello! My name is Shino Kobayashi and I’ve just joined the company starting this April as a rights manager. I’m very excited and thrilled to be a member of Sunmark Publishing.

In fact, I’ve known Sunmark for quite a long time, first as a reader, then as a co-agent handling their rights. From the outside, I’ve always kept my eye on what they have been doing.

Now I have this great opportunity to be a part of their organization. Life is strange! This is a real “Law of Attraction”, I must say.

To quickly introduce myself: I was born in Shizuoka, where the famous Mt. Fuji is located. I moved to the United States at the age of 16, stayed there for 8 years, and then came back to Tokyo after graduating from an art school in California. Besides reading, I love music and football. As for music, Kraftwerk is my all-time favorite and Richie Hawtin is my hero. Recently I’ve devoted a lot of my time to watching football games. I’m a big fan of Shimuzu S-Pulse, a football team from my hometown. But I could spend a lot of time talking about music and football, so I shouldn’t start.

Anyway, I’m pleased to introduce myself to all of you, and I’m looking forward to working together with you in the near future!

If you have any questions or inquiries about this NEWS Mail, please contact Mr. Ichiro Takeda, Rights Department (

Topic of the Month

We’re attending BEA this year!

It’s been a while since we attended BEA. Although we go to the Frankfurt Book Fair every year and have a stand there, we’ve been skipping London and BEA recently. So attending BEA is going to be a fresh opportunity for us to catch up with the U.S. market. Both Ichiro Takeda and Shino Kobayashi will attend the fair, and we’ll eagerly welcome the opportunity if you’d like to meet with us. Please do contact us!

Hot Titles

How Toyota Taught Me to Consolidate Information into a Single Page

by Suguru Asada


210 pages / February 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Superior thinking and organizational skills made simple, based on the work ethic of Toyota, one of the world's top companies.


At Toyota, the world’s largest automobile corporation, there is one basic thing that all employees take for granted. It is the practice of consolidating all necessary information into a single piece of paper. It is the approach to preparing everything from meeting minutes and business trip reports to business proposals and meeting materials on a single piece of A3 or A4 size paper. Within the company, this practice contributed to the betterment of information distribution, smoother communication, and more efficient problem solving which, according to the author, helped build Toyota — with its workforce of some 70,000 people — into the leading enterprise that it is. The author himself worked for Toyota, a company that is recognized as the nation’s best. He accumulated an abundance of experience from working for the company, where he learned that your strengths and capabilities at work can be enhanced through continuous trial and error. Drawing from the essence of the “1 page” approach that he learned there, he has developed an organizational system that can be applied to various work-related settings.

“Work is a continuous process…”
“The proposal was rejected…”
“I’m having trouble explaining this…”

This book provides an extremely effective method for getting rid of such stresses in one fell swoop. Try it out for yourself.

From the table of contents

– What Toyota employees do without fail at every meeting
– Get your thoughts organized with the “1 page” approach
– How to bring your yearly overtime hours down from 400 to 0
– Transform “ask” into “action”
– Which is more efficient, typing or writing by hand?
– What is the key to being organized?
– Anybody can communicate logically using the “three questions”
– The essence of the “1 page” approach is to maintain forward motion at work
– Ask “How?” five times rather than asking “Why?” five times
– The goal is to be able to work without the use of paper

From the editor

My favorite key term introduced in this book is “transparency.” Consolidate everything down to one page. If you do this, you can clearly see the whole picture at a glance. It’s a simple concept, but once I tried putting the author’s methods into practice, even the briefest of meeting notes were significantly easier to follow when looking back at them afterwards. Without changing the essence of my message, I greatly improved my organizational skills by following the methods introduced in this book. I want readers to experience that same sense of satisfaction and achievement.


Suguru Asada

Suguru Asada is the head of 1sheet Frame Works, a company that helps reluctant businesspeople and executives to improve communication to the point where not being able to make the other person understand is no longer an issue, using the “1 page communication improvement” approach. While he was job hunting, he received a job offer from Toyota — on a single sheet of paper. After joining the firm, he mastered the “1 page” approach. While working in the U.S. during his fourth year with the company, he took a leave of absence. Mr. Asada took this opportunity to apply the “1 page” approach to achieving his goals and becoming more time-efficient and succeeded in reducing his overtime of more than 400 hours down to zero. He is also in charge of managing Toyota’s website. He designed it to have everything fit into one computer screen, enabling the site to become the top-ranked corporate website. He later accepted a position with Japan’s largest business school, Globis, where he has conducted business training and personal consulting for over 1,000 students since 2012.

72 Easy Ways to Automatically Improve Your Happiness

by Tatsuo Koyama


199 pages / February 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

A way to get your work, love life, and finances to improve on their own, using a method that promotes neurological and psychological health.


Your happiness — or lack thereof — cannot be blamed on the environment you were raised in, nor can it be blamed on fate. With a little bit of structure, happiness is something that can be felt by anyone, regardless of circumstances. No matter what inconvenient circumstances you currently find yourself in, your level of happiness can improve naturally. In fact, creating a structured environment that promotes happiness is quite easy.

For example, try doing something different with the display screen on your phone. Something as simple as that will trick your brain into seeing something it usually finds dull and disagreeable as fun and exciting. You can change the way you react to work, dieting, and other difficulties, thereby promoting happiness and allowing yourself to live an easier life.

Another way is to eat out more with your partner or spouse. Doing this will improve your relationship and build higher levels of trust, allowing you to give your undivided attention to the things you need and love to do on the side.

This book introduces various ways to promote an improvement in your work, love life, and financial situation. These highly effective techniques are based on neuroscience and psychology; they are sure to provide palpable results to men and women of all ages.

From the table of contents

– Organize and set your priorities
– Put a reminder of your goal and dream on your phone’s display screen
– Try to think for others before yourself
– Choose a movie that has a three-act structure
– Allow extra time to do fun things on the way to work
– Don’t ask yourself, “Where do I want to go?” or “What do I want to do?”
– If you want to feel happier, divide your money between six bank accounts
– Defeat sadness by playing games
– Write about your moral code in your SNS profiles
– Clean up and change the sheets

From the editor

The first time I listened to Mr.Koyama’s seminar, I was greatly impacted. His logical and passionate talk was mesmerizing. Once I had the chance to meet him, he answered all of my questions clearly, providing explanations backed by scientific fact. It is with the same logical and clear approach that he has written this book about how to structure your life in a way that invites happiness.


Tatsuo Koyama

Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1982, Tatsuo Koyama is a lecture consultant and the representative director of Live Create Co., Ltd. In 2003, the online game site that he self-manages received over 3,600 hits in one month, and he is responsible for popularizing the use of avatar-based chance games in the gaming world. He began working in marketing in 2005, after joining a major advertising firm developing social networking sites and games.
He began to work independently after this, and used the experience and knowledge he gained to hold nationwide lectures providing business guidance to corporate bodies in game marketing theory. Furthermore, Koyama-san uses the experience and know-how obtained in his role as a direct promoter of a foreign trading and development program for prominent figures around the globe to conduct high-quality, effective lectures. He holds popular lectures at venues like Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe, where he receives tremendous support from his large audiences. While remaining active as a lecture consultant, he continues to provide guidance to the next generation, giving lectures to audiences numbering in the thousands. By now, his knowledge has been passed on to over 50,000 people. As an author, his contributions include: Making the Most of 5 Minutes Can Be a Life Changer, You Can Drown Your Worries in the Bath (joint-publishing with KADOKAWA), and Bathroom Habits That Bring Good Luck (TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.).