Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--March 2014 Issue

201403Two months have already gone by like a flash this year. Here in Tokyo, it snowed heavily on a couple of weekends, and both times, many people were inconvenienced because public transportation was delayed or stopped.
Sometimes the snow causes this kind of trouble, but on the other hand, it can be a special present for people like members of Sunmark’s Winter Sports Club. There are more than ten people in this club including sales staff members from local areas. They get together at a ski resort on holidays and enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Our president often reminds us that it’s important to have some hobbies outside of work, so the club’s activities are a good chance for the members to refresh themselves in order to be ready to perform well on weekdays.

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Topics of the Month

Experience the Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up Every Day by Marie Kondo has sold more than 140,000 copies in just one month!

The third book by Marie Kondo, the author of the million-seller series The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up, was released at the beginning of January, and in just a month it has already sold 140,000 copies. Unlike the first two titles in the series, it includes a lot of beautiful illustrations along with practical tips, so an even wider range of people can easily enjoy reading this book and practicing “The Magic of Cleaning Up”.

The English version of The Life-Changing, Pulsing Magic of Cleaning Up is about to be released in the U.K.!

We’ve made the important decision that Marie Kondo’s first title, which has sold more than 1.4 million copies in Japan, would be translated into English and released by Ebury Publishing in the U.K. this spring. The book has already achieved great sales in Germany, Korea, Taiwan, and China, and now we’re looking forward to one more milestone in yet another country–the U.K. this time.

Hot Titles

Experience the Magic of Tidying Up Every Day

by Marie Kondo


190 pages / January 2014 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

This is an installment in the million-seller series The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It's the long-awaited collector's edition with full-color pages !


Marie “KonMari” Kondo is a cleaning consultant. Her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, became known as an exceptional guide to cleaning and went on to sell over a million copies. She gained such popularity that a TV drama of the same name was aired in September 2013, with a famous Japanese actress, Yukie Nakama, playing the leading role.

Experience the Magic of Tidying Up Every Day is the long-awaited collector’s edition with full-color pages. The theme is simple: it is a book about how to realize a life of pulsing magic every day. It explains the basics of major cleaning in simple terms, from what order to follow when cleaning to how to fold clothes. For people who have already finished cleaning up, there are lots of small hints on how to achieve a KonMari style of living.

This is a useful book for people who are about to start cleaning, for those who are right in the middle of it, and for those who have already completed the task.

From the table of contents

– The entrance is the face of the house and the most sacred place
– The ideal kitchen is one where you can enjoy cooking
– The bedroom is a refreshing place where you recharge your energy after a long day
– Organize the lavatory in your own way without wasting time
– You will have good luck if you wipe the soles of your shoes
– Treat your home’s entrance like the gates to a shrine
– Look at your cleaning scrapbook before going to bed
– You will have a healthy household if you take care of the most important points
– Use wall decorations to create your ideal scenery
– The time you spend cleaning the floor can be your meditation time
– Use as little cleaning detergent as possible
– The benefits of washing your sheets and pillowcases every day are incomparable
– Your underwear defines your appearance
– If you work at it for 10 days, it will become a regular habit

From the editor

As chief editor for The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, what made me happiest after working on the book with KonMari are the many letters from readers who thank us for the book and tell us the impact it has had on them. We received over 30,000 letters, and the most common request from readers was for a color edition of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

We wanted to produce a “Magic of Cleaning Up Photo Book” that would give off pulsing energy to the people who own it. Now we’ve done that and we hope you like it.


Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a cleaning consultant. She is a professional who can turn rooms that are so cluttered that you cannot see the floor into rooms that feel like a hotel suite. She has had her students get rid of over a million unnecessary items. In her early childhood, she fell in love with reading housekeeping magazines. She genuinely loved vacuuming, cleaning, cooking, and sewing, and lived like a dedicated homemaker throughout her school years. When she was in the 9th grade, after being inspired by a bestselling book called Throw-Out Skills, she officially began studying the art of cleaning. In her second year of college, she established her own consulting business and began to devote her life to what would become known as “the life-changing KonMari Method for organizing and storing.” Her “Once you learn it, you’ll never have a messy room again” concept got her noticed, and her popularity soon spread through word-of-mouth. Her blogs Lessons on Organization and Storage for Ladies and Lessons on Organization and Storage for Company Presidents (you need to be introduced by a member to join) both have many dedicated fans. So far, none of her devotees have gone back to their old ways.

In 2011, her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, became a million-seller. In 2013, she was once again under the spotlight when her book was used as the inspiration for a Nippon Television TV drama starring Yukie Nakama.

An Indian Multimillionaire's Alchemy of Success

How to create something from nothing

by Sachin Chowdhery


249 pages / December 2013 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

One in every ten multimillionaires in America is Indian.
What's the "radical solution" that leads to their success?


Overseas Indians around the world who are multimillionaires all agree on one thing: use more jugaad.
They’re referring to the “alchemy of success” and the “radical solution” that people need to survive on their own in India when there are no resources, no property, and no infrastructure.
In this definitive book, Sachin Chowdhery, a businessman and international consultant who earns 700,000 yen an hour, reveals the secret formula for jugaad that will lead to success in your work and bring happiness to your life!

From the table of contents

Prologue: Why Indian multimillionaires around the world are successful
Chapter 1: Necessity is the mother of invention
Chapter 2: Speed determines everything
Chapter 3: Leave your limitations behind
Chapter 4: Awaken the divinity inside you
Chapter 5: Promote yourself more
Chapter 6: Nothing will start unless you make it
Chapter 7: For my beloved family
Epilogue: If Japan discovers jugaad, nothing can stop it!

From the editor

I first met Sachin Chowdhery at a tea ceremony hosted by a certain author. He was tall and looked very proper in his suit, and he had the appearance of an excellent businessman. My initial impression of him has not changed at all. He always picks exclusive hotels or lounges for meetings. He even drove an imported car when we went out of town during the writing of this book, and all of this helps to reinforce his aura as an international businessman.
On the other hand, he’s also a loving family man with a beautiful Japanese wife and a newborn baby, and he has always held the belief that family is important. Perhaps it’s because of his love for family that he has such a warm demeanor despite working in the cutthroat business world. In order to show Sachin’s humanity and what kind of person he really is, we produced a book that is full of his own ideas on how to live a happy life rather than just focusing on methods of succeeding in business. If you master the jugaad taught by an Indian multimillionaire, there is no doubt that your life will become all the more fulfilling.


Sachin Chowdhery

Sachin Chowdhery was born in New Delhi in 1973. He lived in Tokyo during the “bubble” years when his father was working in Japan, and then he came back to Japan in 1996. He worked as a regular employee before setting up his own successful employment agency for travel agencies and IT engineers. He currently provides guidance to a number of businessmen in India and Japan and teaches cross-cultural management and strategies to big companies. He is also an international consultant and has even undertaken consulting for a company worth 800 million yen. His consultation fee was a whopping 700,000 yen an hour.
He is the chairman and executive director of Abacus Venture Solutions, which provides business development support, marketing support, and M&A advisory services to Japanese companies branching out to India. He is also the president and representative director of ITTR, a company whose mission is the regional revitalization of Tottori Prefecture. In addition to all of this, he manages a number of companies, such as management consulting firms and IT-related businesses, and has been a visiting professor at the Kobe Institute of Computing Graduate School of Information Technology since 2011.
Sachin has also written Indian Multimillionaires’ Billionaire Thinking and The World’s Rich Reveal 24 Secrets to Increase Money (both published by Forest Publishing). He has also co-authored Rising Nation Investment: A Complete Guide (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing) and the Singapore publication World-Class Leadership (World Scientific Publishing). He’s a popular figure on television as well, appearing in programs such as “Cambria Palace.”