Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--June 2014 Issue

kuwajiHi, I’m Akiko Kuwajima, a member of the Rights Department at Sunmark Publishing. I’m also working as an editor and I’ve edited more than 40 books including some translated titles, such as The Best Way to See Through a Mind (ICH WEISS, WAS DU DENKST) series by Thorsten Havener from Germany, Working Like Samsung by HyungJin Moon from Korea, and Activate Your Goodness by Shari Arison from the U.S. This May, I took a vacation on Taketomi Island in Okinawa, one of my favorite places in Japan. The small island has such beautiful scenery with the traditional wooden houses roofed with red tiles and roads covered with white sand. The visit there was very refreshing, and now I can throw more energy into the next book. Please look forward to its completion!

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Topic of the Month

See you soon at the Seoul International Book Fair 2014! 

The Seoul International Book Fair is coming up again soon. It will be held from June 18th to 22nd, and from our Rights Department, Taku Hirasawa will be participating. Fortunately, the number of appointments continues to increase year after year. There’s only a small chance we wouldn’t have time for all those opportunities, so we’re looking forward to meeting you there. Please be sure not to miss our remarkable new titles!

Hot Titles

Measures of a Good Husband

by Yoshinori Kawakita


219 pages / Feb. 2014 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

At home, think of your wife as a superior!
A capable man should also be able to get along with his wife.
You will no longer step on your wife's toes.


It is the husband who needs to change in order to maintain a loving marital relationship.
Regardless of how busy or successful a man is, or how much he enjoys himself outside of work, a good life is not possible if he cannot make his wife happy.
The family will suffer as a result of not placing enough importance on this relationship.
Furthermore, if the wife doesn’t get the respect she deserves, the whole family will eventually give the husband the cold shoulder.
From the top “life master” when it comes to both work and private life and the author of The Dignity of Man and other bestsellers comes a method of “learning to do what you love while keeping your life partner happy.”

From the table of contents

– The better a man is at his job, the better he is as a husband.
– Place importance on friends of the opposite sex you have acquired.
– Your wife’s parents are her alter egos.
– A “bad wife” who brings good fortune, a “good wife” who doesn’t.
– If you’re grateful, then say so.
– There are things you shouldn’t know about each other.
– A husband can benefit from his wife’s having a separate world away from home.
– Don’t steal a glance at your partner’s cellphone if you both want to remain happy.
– This is how you’re stepping on your wife’s toes!
– Complimenting your wife while on your deathbed is too late.

From the editor

Whenever I suddenly get invited to go out drinking, I often do so without calling home first.
Then when I come home after drinking too much, my wife gets angry, saying, “I had already made dinner, so why didn’t you call me?”
I end up not calling home either because there is no time to do so, or I feel that calling would spoil the moment. But here is what the author has to say: At home, think of your wife as a superior!
It is absolutely true that if you thought of your wife as a superior, keeping her informed, contacting her and consulting with her would seem obvious.
Therefore, it would only be natural for her to get angry if you didn’t do so.
However, as the husband you also want your opinions heard and to be able to do the things that you enjoy doing.
So, what should you do?
There are many tips about this in the book.
In my case, there is no other book that has taught me so much.
This is sure to be become a bible for those who step on their wives’ toes every day!


Yoshinori Kawakita

Yoshinori Kawakita was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1935.
After graduating from the Economics Department of Keio University in 1958, he started working at Tokyo Sports News. There, he worked as the cultural department head before moving on to become the publishing department head. In 1977, he left the company and established Nihon Create Co.
After that, while to this day producing various bestsellers, he has also been an active reviewer and essayist.
Along with newspaper and magazine writing, he holds frequent seminars.
His straight-talking approach has gained him a wide range of supporters, young and old, with many of his books becoming bestsellers.
His main works include The Dignity of Man, The Modesty of Man, How a Man Polishes Up from Age 50, Shameful Old Man (all from PHP Institute, Inc.), “Loneliness” Makes a First-Class Man, The Way to Do First-Class Work (all from Ascom Inc.), Things You Should Do in Your 20s (Mikasashobo), The Dignity of Playing, How to Have a Male and Female Relationship for Adults (both from Chukei Publishing).

How to Achieve Good Fortune from the Age of 33

by Amane Shiraishi


280 pages / Mar. 2014 / 700 yen (w/o tax)

Tips on how to really change your life for the better!


This is the all-new book from the popular fortune creator.
All fortune, good and bad, is formed on the basis of what you’ve experienced by the age of 33. After that, your fortune repeats the same acquired pattern.
Nevertheless, once you realize that fact, you’ll be able to acquire the fortune you’d hoped for and turn your life around at any age.
People are sharing the unexpected miracles they’ve experienced since reading this book, saying such things as, “My annual income increased by as much as over a million yen,” “Not only have I been blessed with a new baby, I got promoted,” and “I’m surprised how well things are currently moving along for me.”
This book will teach you about how to better your fortune in regard to your finances, business, love life, interpersonal relationships, health, household, and family.

From the table of contents

– What do those who improved their fortune from the age of 33 have in common?
– Rules to be aware of when working to improve your fortune.
– The secrets of people who love money and people who hate it.
– A small habit to start bettering your economic fortune when paying bills.
– The ways of thinking that automatically connect you with the best jobs.
– Company employees work under the guidance of the “president’s virtues.”
– Shed a new light on your love-life habits you had before age 33 with these 5 different perspectives.
– “How to put an end to” a marriage or intimate relationship is more important than “how to begin” one.
– “Family fortune virtues” that influence the fate of your family.
– The trick to changing your workplace environment from brutal to peaceful.
– The things that influence wellness more than genetics do.
– Techniques for choosing healthy options when shopping.

From the editor

I was shocked when I first heard that all fortune, good and bad, repeats the same pattern acquired from experiences one has had up to age 33.
But it was for this reason that this book was created to teach adults over 33 how to improve their fortune.
While reading this book, I also looked back on the first 33 years of my life. After I sat down and thought back on my love life, money, and job situations, I was able to see many things more clearly, and I found I had a chance to re-think how to live the rest of my life.


Amane Shiraishi

Amane Shiraishi is a spiritual counselor and fortune creator from Tokyo.
After graduating from university, she worked as an executive assistant for a foreign enterprise dealing with American finances before starting her own business as a spiritual counselor from 2005.
Making use of her natural psychic abilities and the abundance of knowledge gained from working in an international business environment, she provides counseling, consultation, and guidance that deals with the development and prosperity of individuals as well as businesses.
She has a strong spiritual reading ability and vast experience in holding spiritual counseling sessions with over 5,000 people during her career. Her sessions, known to “surely guide you to better fortune,” have earned her a high reputation.
She’s also the author of Your Fortune Can Be Changed at Any Time, published by VOICE.