Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--January 2015 Issue

million1Thank you for all of your assistance and support in 2014. Sunmark had another wonderful year with some successful titles such as E-Squared from the U.S., which has sold more than 250,000 copies from its release in April, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for which the rights have been sold to more than 25 countries, making it a great bestseller. The book’s success was especially remarkable in the U.S., reaching sales of 130,000 copies in a month and being selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by Amazon. Since it was such an impressive year, we’ve resolved anew to put further efforts into the rights business, and we hope, too, that we can be of assistance to you in the year 2015.

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Topic of the Month

The Japanese version of E-Squared ranked in the top 10 on the Japanese annual bestseller lists in 2014!

Every year in December, the annual bestseller list of Japanese book sales is announced by TOHAN and NIPPAN, the two biggest book distributors in Japan, and one of the most successful titles from Sunmark in 2014, E-Squared, was on their lists in the Business category. Though it was said that this year’s competition was very keen, the book ranked 5th for TOHAN and 7th for NIPPAN.

Hot Titles

The Cosmos Will Tell You Who Your Soulmate Is

The nine rules to finding your soulmate

by Chiharu Kimura


189 pages / September, 2014 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

The way to happiness through meeting your soulmate


-Do you know what a soulmate is?
-What does “soulmate” mean to you?

A soulmate is the person you become one with. There is only one person like this in the world, and he/she is the perfect mate.

As a matter of fact, there are rules involved in finding this soulmate and realizing happiness. The nine rules for attracting your soulmate introduced in this book are simple and practical. As long as you follow the daily guidelines, your life will undergo positive change. Following these nine rules will not only lead you to your soulmate, but will also increase your fortune and your power to positively influence others around you. Follow the steps in this book to attract your ultimate partner and experience true love.

From the table of contents

– The time has come for you to experience true love with your soulmate
– What’s the difference between true love and infatuation? Seven distinguishing factors of a soulmate
– The nine rules put into practice by those who have found their soulmate
– This is how to recognize your true soulmate! Five characteristics of a “false soulmate”
– They are right under your nose! Five signs you are close to meeting your soulmate
– This is the real thing! Three stages of romance with your soulmate

From the editor

This was my first experience editing a book that deals with spirituality and romance. Even to someone like myself who is unfamiliar with such spiritual subject matter, this is a great book that is hard to put down.

The book cover is also very attractive!

I had the pleasure of receiving Ms. Kimura’s expert opinion on my own life during the editing process. She gave me various pointers — which I’ve since put into practice — on how to get more in touch with my feminine side to counter my overly strong masculinity.

I wonder when I will finally meet my soulmate.


Chiharu Kimura

Chiharu Kimura works in crystal advisory and soulmate research.
After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Law, she worked in marketing for an American pharmaceutical company. She then worked both in Japan and abroad as an interpreter and translator at academic conferences related to cardiac surgery. After coming into contact with a number of patients, she found herself in disagreement with the “simply cut out the affected area” philosophy of so-called advanced medicine. She then discovered the world of natural stones, and as a result changed her focus to alternative medicine using crystals.

In 2003, she opened the Academy of Healing Art in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo. The Academy currently has over 1,000 students. She also runs a direct import business that purchases natural crystals from around the world.

In 2007, she studied under the prominent alternative therapist Dr. Deepak Chopra, learning Vedic philosophy at the Chopra Center in San Diego, California.

In 2010, she received the qualification to become an authorized lecturer at the center, making her one of only three Japanese scholars certified to hold lectures at the center.

She began her work as a “soulmate researcher” after working as the Japan agent for Diane Stein, who is a renowned New Age author from America.

Furthermore, the workshops and personal sessions that comprise her “soulmate seminar,” held at the industry-leading VOICE Inc., have brought large audiences — not an empty seat in the house.

Many couples are reporting their happiness after having found their soulmate thanks to the professional help of Chiharu Kimura. “I met my soulmate and am now happily married,” “I was able to reassure myself that my spouse is in fact my soulmate,” and “I now know exactly what I want to do” are among the many comments received.

Make Your Life a Paradise with Hawaiian Feng Shui

by Hiromi Nagata


221 pages / September 2014 / 680 yen(w/o tax)

From the spirit of "Aloha" comes the all-new Hawaiian feng shui!


Derived from Chinese feng shui, Hawaiian feng shui incorporates the spirit of “Aloha” to create a fresh take on this centuries-old philosophy.
Rather than imposing limitations on your lifestyle with instructions on what not to do, Hawaiian feng shui begins by looking at changes you can make in your current environment.

In her book, the author, a feng shui lifestylist and 30-year resident of Hawaii, shows us how we can apply Hawaiian feng shui to transform our environment into a Heaven on earth. You don’t have to be in Hawaii to experience paradise — you have the ability to improve your present circumstances, regardless of place and time.

When you seem to be in a rut and you are struggling to make your personal relationships work, adopting Hawaiian feng shui into your daily life will enable you to experience the serenity and bliss of life in the Hawaiian Islands. The consciousness gained from feng shui, as inherited and adapted by Hawaii, gives you the power to transform your everyday surroundings into your own paradise.

From the table of contents

– Begin by learning the true meaning of “Aloha” and “Ohana”

– Why having a room filled with sentimental memorabilia actually reduces your chances of meeting that special someone

– Do you have the tools you need to become who you want to be?

– If you act in this way, happiness will follow! Three rules to practicing happy habits at home

– Hoarding clothing you don’t wear regularly shows a lack of self-confidence

– If your goal is marriage, place colorful objects around your home in pairs

– Four key points in turning your home into the optimal power spot

– Impulse purchases give insight into what you are lacking in life

– How to quickly change a pack rat who dislikes cleaning

– Concrete ways to visualize making your life a paradise

From the editor

The author, Hiromi Nagata, has a personality that’s as brilliant as the sun itself. Just being with her brightens your mood, because she is such a positive and vibrant person. As she does in the book, Hiromi begins all of her e-mails with “Aloha!” rather than the culturally typical formal greetings used when writing e-mails in Japanese. There is something very refreshing and wonderful about opening an e-mail and seeing the word “Aloha!” for a change. Furthermore, when most people might say, “Let’s have a drink sometime,” Hiromi would say, “Let’s head for paradise!”

In the book, a line reads, “If you say things in a way that is kind to the soul, you will begin to acquire a paradise-like train of thought”; this is the approach that Hiromi has adopted and practices in her daily life. I, myself, was intrigued by the words “paradise-like train of thought” while I was making this book and soon understood that it has to do with feeling refreshed and clearheaded.

Reading this book will enable you to draw on the inspiration offered by this philosophy. Take your first steps toward “making paradise!”


Hiromi Nagata

Hiromi Nagata is a feng shui lifestylist who has lived in the U.S. since 1983. While she is active as an interpreter, translator, radio personality, and a coordinator of international concerts and events, Hiromi is also known as a researcher of local and traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

Using her many years of experience overseas in Hawaii and New York, she does personal coaching, feng shui counseling, and therapist training, speaks at lectures and seminars, and has written essays for various publications. Hiromi is also a published author, with Get Results Now with Feng Shui Lifestyle (Mikasa Shobo Co., Ltd.) among the titles to her credit.