Sunmark Publishing Rights Highlights
and NEWS Mail--April 2014 Issue

takubouHi. I’m Taku Hirasawa, a member of the rights team at Sunmark Publishing. I also work as an editor, and my 8th year at the company is just beginning this April. Of course I love my daily job, and at the same time I also love a variety of activities such as playing tennis, running, snowboarding, taking photos, and going on trips. But the thing I like best to do is……eating! In any restaurant I’m always looking for a favorite new dish, and once I find a good one, I can’t stop eating it until I become full and unable to move. It might be better to call this habit the hobby of my life. Even now, my favorite food is the Japanese rice ball called onigiri, but I’m also interested in any other cuisine regardless of the country it comes from, so if you have any good recommendations, please let me know.

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Topic of the Month

You Are What You Ate Six Months Ago by Aya Murayama has reached sales of 80,000 copies in three months!

A revolutionary book about food and health, You Are What You Ate Six Months Ago, by Aya Murayama is now becoming a new hit from Sunmark. The author is an “athlete food master” and she tells us how to control our appetite in order to lose weight in a healthy way. For more details, please check the Hot Titles for this month.

Hot Titles

How to Become Infallible

by Hitori Saito


198 pages / February 2014 / 1,700 yen (w/o tax)

Energy holds the keys to success. Two remarkable businesspeople--a mentor and his student--explain the true meaning of "the law of attraction" philosophy of success.


It’s not about what you get from something or even your knowledge that attracts things to you; by facing all challenges and maximizing your mental influence, you will have more energy (spirit), and good things will come to you like an avalanche. The author of the back-to-back bestsellers Vessels, Luck, and Heaven has now written a thorough analysis about “the law of attraction” with his number-one apprentice. Anyone can understand the simple explanations. The book is packed with wisdom covering various scenarios, such as interpersonal relationships, money, and business.

Word about the law of attraction has spread around the world, and some people have succeeded from knowing about it while others haven’t. The law of attraction I’m talking about will come through every time. It’s a lifestyle. So, there are no failures. –Hitori Saito

There are lots of books about the law of attraction. I have read some out of interest, and they talk about your thoughts becoming realized or how to make good use of your subconscious. Of course, all those books contain wonderful information, but only a few people actually acquire the ability to attract the things they want after reading the books. –Emiko Shibamura

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 How to attract what you hope for — Hitori Saito
Chapter 2 How to attract good things and keep bad things away — Hitori Saito
Chapter 3 The lifestyle that attracts abundance — Emiko Shibamura
Chapter 4 How to attract without fail — Emiko Shibamura
Special Appendix How to become a top businessperson — Hitori Saito

From the editor

There are many books at the bookstore that talk about the law of attraction. However, after reading a few of them, I noticed that they’re all about doing something to raise your status or doing something to get more money–they all entail getting something from outside of yourself. Hitori Saito and Emiko Shibamura have written about using what is within you. For example, by raising your energy levels–empowering your mind–you will have more positive energy and your immune system will improve. The book is also packed with hints on self-improvement, such as learning how to be kind and thoughtful to further raise your energy levels. It’s a practical law of attraction that’s easy for readers to understand. Read this book and acquire the ability to be infallible.


Hitori Saito

Hitori Saito is the founder of Ginza Marukan and is the highest-paying taxpayer in Japan. He was in the top 10 highest taxpayers for 12 consecutive years starting in 1993, setting a new record. While high taxpayers mostly deal in real estate and stock offerings, Mr. Saito’s case is unusual because all of his tax is on business income. He has published many books about combining both emotional happiness and financial success. His main works include The Power of Subtle Differences, Insight, An Eccentric’s Take on How the World Works, People and Money (all published by Sunmark), Top Shape, The Road to Happiness, Heaven on Earth (Longsellers), An Eccentric’s Take on the Laws of Success (Sogo Horei), and This Will Never Grow Old (Makino), among others.

Emiko Shibamura

Emiko Shibamura was Hitori Saito’s first apprentice and is now a representative of the Ginza Marukan Shibamura Group. Born in Hokkaido, she first met Mr. Saito when she was an 18-year-old finger-pressure therapy student. Several years later, she began to relate to Mr. Saito’s positive and appealing way of thinking and decided to work for him at Marukan as his first apprentice. Since then, she has been appointed supervisor of Marukan branch offices in 13 different parts of the country, including Tokyo and Osaka. During the time when Mr. Saito was the No. 1 taxpayer in Japan, she came in at No. 86. Her main works include Vessels, Luck, and Heaven (co-authored with Hitori Saito), Hitori Saito’s Mysterious Laws of Happiness (Daiwa), and Hitori Saito’s Wonderful Attraction Theory (PHP).

You Are What You Ate Six Months Ago

by Aya Murayama


205 pages / December 2013 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Eat what you want, as much as you want, and still lose weight in a healthy way!


“I shouldn’t eat that.” “I won’t eat that.” “Today is the last day I’m eating this.” As of today, forget about saying things like that. This book is about how to control your appetite and eat what you want, as much as you want, in a healthy way without adding weight. In simple terms, controlling your appetite is about wanting to eat things that are good for your body. Have you ever heard a model saying that she eats whatever she wants, as much as she wants? Models aren’t fit because of their body types-they just have the right appetite for food that won’t make them fat. We’re not born with the “right appetite.” Anybody can change their appetite anytime.
If you change what you want to eat instead of what you eat, you will genuinely begin to desire healthy food. This book will show you how to do that.

From the table of contents

– How to get the golden ticket to lifelong health
– Why do we eat food that’s bad for us?
– Your instincts won’t make you happy
– Believing that you won’t add weight if you eat salad is a big mistake
– What you eat and how you eat it–not your willpower–will change your life
– How to get the right appetite
– What to do if you keep overeating
– If you’re eating out, go to a yakitori restaurant
– Which will make you add weight: eating a rice ball and pork or just a rice ball?
– Your refrigerator’s metabolism is the same as your metabolism

From the editor

Of all the books I have worked on, I truly felt that this one was written just for me. I’m embarrassed to admit that until I came across this method, I was caught in an unfortunate cycle where I used to eat a lot out of stress even though I was perpetually on diets. When I tried to follow what the models in magazines said about “eating what you want, as much as you want,” I kept putting on more and more weight. All I knew was hopelessness! Then I tried Ms. Murayama’s methods of controlling my appetite, and the strange thing is that I started to notice that I was no longer craving the snacks and fatty foods that I used to eat every day.
That was a big shock for me! I had always blamed my weight on my body type, but then I started to believe that I could become the kind of person who eats whatever he wants without getting fat! I sincerely felt the effects of this book. Though it might be something that’s difficult to suddenly believe, you can actually change your appetite. For all the people who get the urge to go to the convenience store in the middle of the night to buy snacks or Chinese noodles, I recommend reading this book.


Aya Murayama

Aya Murayama is an appetite consultant. She is Japan’s first “athlete food master” and a vegetable sommelier, and she’s also a triathlete. After working as a producer at a radio station and a video production company, she acquired an athlete food master certificate in 2010. Later, using her knowledge and experience as an active triathlete, she appeared on TV, in magazines, on the radio and in various events. In 2012, she came first overall in the Tateyama Wakashio Triathlon, and she also participated in the 2012 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
Ms. Murayama gained popularity when, in collaboration with Kagome Company Ltd., she designed a tomato recipe for athletes taking part in the 2013 Tokyo Marathon. She is currently teaching at the recently established Adams Campus while participating in a wide range of activities, such as running and food events, and providing counseling for lifestyle diseases. She also gives advice on food and exercise to professional athletes and amateur runners.