My motto as an editor is to inform readers about serious topics in a humorous manner. This is a great influence from my grandfather, who was the owner of a secondhand book
shop. He was a unique guy. Whenever I visited him, he offered me some juice poured into a beaker. As a small child, I was very excited about this, using this unfamiliar
professional container for drinking my cup of juice. By doing this, I was able to manage numbers at the age of 3! I’m not sure if that was his intention, but through my
excitement at using a beaker, I was willing to study numbers. This episode contains the most important essence of my philosophy as an editor.

If the topic is serious, I put some humor into it so that readers will be more interested in it. That gives them a way to study without feeling it’s a duty. Sometimes
having fun is more important than being correct.

Outstanding Past Achivements: