A Codebook for Deciphering the Signs and Messages of Your Fate

by Miyuki Kashii

ISBN978-4-7631-3650-3 C0030

366 pages / September 2017 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

If you open your heart, you can hear what the universe is trying to tell you.


I see a lot of butterflies recently.

I see a lot of matching numbers recently.

I run into the same people recently.


These peculiar coincidences could actually be signs.


Those who lead a successful life don’t just write off moments like these as mere coincidences, they see them as meaningful signs. Being able to interpret the many things that happen around us as specific signs can greatly change our lives.


Author Miyuki Kashii is active as a fortune teller and healer. In this book, using real-life examples, she explains how to analyze seemingly benign daily occurrences that can positively affect your life.


Whether you use this as a reference guide to reading signs or just enjoy it as a fun read, this codebook can greatly influence your lifestyle.

From the table of contents

Signs from things you see — star shapes / passing balloons

Numerical signs — birthday numbers / matching license plate numbers

Signs from things around you — losing your hat / receiving a bag / a stopped clock

Signs from occurrences — picking up a dropped item / seeing a fire / getting lost

Signs related to money — finding money on the street / finding a 10-yen coin with a corrugated edge

Signs from home electronics — your computer runs slowly / seeing something striking on TV

Signs related to people — running into a friend / being spoken to on the train

Signs from sounds you hear — hearing a buzzer / when you hear clapping / when you hear a bird chirping


From the editor "Ryu-yan"

I have known Myu-myu (author Miyuki Kashii’s nickname) for close to 10 years. At the time we met, Miyuki had only just started her business and remembers, “I was living alone in an apartment without a bathtub.” Now, her business has expanded, turning her into a highly popular healer and astrologer.


I spoke with her about fate around two years ago. Although we spoke about a lot of interesting things, and I received a book proposal, no solid plans for an actual release were made at the time. I then realized that publishing something like an encyclopedia of sign reading, an all-encompassing codebook, would be a great idea. Miyuki’s strength lies in the data she’s gathered of her clients’ cases and experiences and her ability to connect the meanings of her readings with real life examples. I wanted to put all of that information together in one book.


We were able to make a book packed with rich and meaningful information in a short time. The book design is also special. It was designed by Manami Mizusaki, who also designed books by Shomei Yoh and I Chose My Body to Live In by Rio Inyaku (published by Sunmark). Haruko Mimura’s fine illustrations add a touch of exquisite beauty, creating an elegant final product. Let this book be your guide for encouragement and self-support.


Miyuki Kashii

Miyuki Kashii is a spiritual healer, a sign reader, and an astrologer. She has experience working in over 30 different fields, including system engineering, nursing, and as a dispatch worker. Unable to achieve a steady income with so many occupation shifts, she opened her own astrology and healing practice in 2008. She’s been meeting clients every single day since then, and her annual income increased by seven times. She has over 8,000 clients. Her private “horoscope reading interview” sessions and her “sign reading power” lectures are popular not only in Japan, but are attracting participants from overseas as well.