Synchronicity Management

by Yasutaka Horiuchi

ISBN978-4-7631-3624-4 C0030

266 pages / May 2017 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

A method that’s changed over 4,000 people's lives.
Reveal what’s hidden inside you!


Businesspeople, artists, creators, inspirational figures, and downright lucky people all have one habit in common. That’s the habit of placing importance on coincidence and insight when making life choices. This book explains how to use synchronicities to inspire your actions.


The method is called synchronicity management.


There are three steps to awakening your heart, mind and body. By following them, you’ll be able to escape the many constraints you’ve set for yourself, whether related to human relations, finances or lifestyle. Paying close attention to coincidences and inspirational signs will help you realize your dreams. This will help you get everything you’ve ever wanted in the most unexpected ways, like getting married to the person of your dreams, or landing the job you’ve always hoped for.


Rather than trying to manage people, time, and money, using your insight to manage synchronicity will help you transform your life.

From the table of contents

◎ Many success stories owe their achievements to coincidence.

◎ Inspiration doesn’t come from above, but from deep within.

◎ What do successful people have in common?

◎ How to prepare yourself for responding to inspirational events.

◎ Clean your subconscious.

◎ Find people you are meant to be with.

◎ You can increase your expendable funds to unlimited amounts.

◎ How to connect yourself to synchronicity fields.

◎ Follow your life’s mission to shape the world around you.

◎ Inspiration lies in the future.

From the editor "Nekoka"



The author and I both found it interesting that a book on synchronicity turned into a book about a personal awakening. This book discusses synchronicity from an all-new perspective. Throughout the editing process, mysterious coincidences were taking place almost daily. I truly believe that things will fall into place for you as soon as you start reading.


Yasutaka Horiuchi

Yasutaka Horiuchi is a “power of inspiration” trainer and board representative at an association called LDM. He used his research on cognitive psychology, neuroscience and communication, and his experiences as a therapist to develop his very own “life design method,” which also became the name of his association (LDM).


He teaches people how to make use of their innate abilities by responding effectively to inspiration. As a popular lecturer, he receives invitations from all regions of Japan, as well as from countries such as the U.S., Italy, China and Singapore.