Why Successful People Visit Shrines

by Ryuhei Yagi

ISBN978-4-7631-3564-3 C0030

341 pages / July 2016 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

All businessmen, politicians and military commanders have known this ancient “system” for getting prayers answered!


It turns out that shrines are an age-old “system” for getting prayers answered. All successful people and rulers of Japan have utilized this system to obtain support from the gods in achieving success.


Author Ryuhei Yagi is a popular blogger who, along with having a Ph.D. in science, is psychic. In this book, Dr. Yagi explains how gods residing at shrines can enter through any extra space in your heart and answer your prayers. He also explains about the “hidden workings” of shrines from both scientific and spiritual standpoints in an easy-to-grasp, interesting manner. The book also includes a map of shrines around Japan that famous politicians, businessmen and military leaders have visited, allowing you to view them all at a glance.


This secret that has been kept by the elite is finally out in the open. The gods are working hard to increase the number of successful people who make the world a better place. Why don’t you join the movement toward becoming successful and bettering the world around you?

From the table of contents

– Influential Japanese figures all visit shrines

– There’s a secret hidden in Japanese shrines!

– “Nobunaga’s failure and Ieyasu’s success” – the difference lay in their relationship with shrines

– “Business God” Konosuke Matsushita utilized the power of the dragon god

– People who are favored by the gods, and people who aren’t

– Cross over into a new dimension! Extreme “power spots”

– Why you should offer 500-yen coins at the shrine

– Is it bad to visit more than one god?

– The Toyota Way is the Shrine Way!  The inner workings of “kaizen”, the path to success

– The difference between businessmen who believe in the god and those who don’t

– The days of this secret being kept by the elite are over!

From the editor "Nekoka"


Visiting shrines, power spots and collecting shrine seals has been popular for many years, and many people I know are joining the trend, particularly with regard to shrine visits. While I did enjoy shrines, I was never interested quite to that extent, but Dr. Yagi’s book really opened my eyes, was extremely cathartic, and turned me into a lover of shrines. I think anyone who reads this book will want to begin visiting shrines more often!



Ryuhei Yagi

Ryuhei Yagi is a Doctor of Philosophy born in Kyoto in 1975 and is also a spiritual medium. Late one night in November of 2006, while writing his doctoral dissertation, he was visited by an image of Buddha in his dormitory and received a message. That night, he gained the ability to perceive the unseen, and since then his psychic powers have blossomed. He has served as senior researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories and as guest lecturer at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and he currently teaches marketing at Aoyama Gakuin University. He has gained popularity with his blog written under the name “Dr. Ryu” and for his seminars about the “unseen world” given from psychological and statistical points of view, as well as from his perspective as a spiritual medium.