Road to Success

by Yasushi Ono

ISBN978-4-7631-3533-9 C0030

202 pages / August 2016 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

A highly effective ancient Japanese secret!
Includes a CD of Vocaloid Shinto purification prayers.


In Japan, a secret method of getting your wishes granted has been around for generations. This book introduces the origins and development of this Japanese method for success. An ancient, little-known Shinto method for making dreams come true is now available in a digital format that can be effectively used by anyone. “Purification” and the “power of words” are absolutely essential in making wishes come true. The “purification” methods will help with the complete purification and cleansing of the self. Doing this will enable you to experience the “five dimensions” of the natural world, which have been studied and proven with modern physics. You can then use the “power of words” to create your own desired reality.
The purification process that leads you to this state is quite simple. All you have to do is play the CD of Vocaloid Shinto purification prayers provided with this book. The enclosed CD contains the four prayers considered to incorporate the most purification power (three purification rituals, ablution, great purification, “hifumi”).

The Vocaloid recording has a flat sound quality that won’t affect your emotions like a human voice would, and allows the energy of the purification rituals to be received more directly without distraction. Furthermore, a special sound frequency called logostron, which was researched and developed at the language research Nanasawa Institute, was mixed in to increase the effects of the digitized prayers.

“Success,” as it is discussed in this book, doesn’t mean growing rich, expanding a business or improving one’s social standing. It has to do with acquiring the power to turn your words into reality, enjoying life, and living the way you want with great freedom. Take the first step toward realizing this freedom with Road to Success.

From the table of contents

  • Made in Japan! A Road to Success connecting East and West
  • Realize true success by approaching a different dimension
  • Collaboration, rather than victory or defeat, is a part of the Japanese DNA
  • Why reduction is more important than accumulation
  • Return to the five dimensions, the platform from which unlimited possibilities can be explored
  • Achieve complete purification using the enclosed CD, and learn the two methods for turning your dreams into reality
  • Japanese is a “wish-granting language”
  • Turning bad to good through purification
  • Rather than self-realization, achieve a successful, “self-transcendent” lifestyle where all succeed
  • Living life with purpose will naturally attract people, things, money and intelligence

From the editor

Author Yasushi Ono has the extensive knowledge that allows him to answer any question that comes his way in great detail. The Vocaloid Shinto purification prayers CD provided are extremely effective. Playing the CD for more than six months now, I have felt the effects of it firsthand. I’ve grown used to the sound of the Vocaloid voice and how it differs from the way a human voice resonates, and I listen to the CD practically every day.


Yasushi Ono

Born in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture in 1967, Yasushi Ono is the supervising officer at Nanasawa Institute, the world’s leading institute for research dealing with the power of language. He is also the representative director of the International Logosist Association. A graduate of Waseda University’s School of Commerce, he studied world folklore and world religions such as Judaism, then immersed himself in the world of Hakke Shinto and the practice of futomani. He is currently working alongside Kenichi Ishizaki to teach the masses to properly use ancient Shinto and the power of words with his “Road to Success” project.