How to Become a “Dragon Whisperer”

by Hikari Osugi

ISBN978-4-7631-3488-2 C0039

211 pages / February 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Are you ready to ride on the back of a dragon?
Here is a guide to a wonderful existence filled with happiness.


This is the first book of its kind in Japan that gives you all the spiritual information about the power of “dragons.” Your life will improve exponentially if you’re able to acquire a sacred relationship with, and knowledge of, dragons. Dragons are beings that represent personal development and life support. People who live their lives for the betterment of themselves and the world around them and who are able to form a strong spiritual relationship with dragons are called “dragon whisperers.” Your greatest desires will quickly begin to materialize if you “ride on the back of a dragon.” Things that you could normally only consider miraculous will occur with great frequency. This book will teach you how to make that a reality. We live in a “time of the dragons,” when a profound spiritual connection to them can help us cope with our quickly changing world. This book clearly explains exactly what a dragon is all about and how to get one on your side, and it introduces the main power-spots around Japan where you can communicate with the spiritual force of dragons. The dragons are ready for you to ride with them!

From the table of contents

  • An offer from a dragon: Would you like to ride on my back?
  • Where do they come from, and why?
  • Dragons are in shrines, rivers and the heavens!
  • Four miraculous strengths received after becoming a “dragon whisperer”
  • Rules for acquiring the spiritual control needed to become a “dragon whisperer” (1) – (6)
  • Following your destiny brings dragons closer to you
  • Eight tips to increase your luck even more!
  • Connecting with the Blue Dragon to get wishes granted
  • Connecting with the Red Dragon to heal the mind and body
  • Dragon power-spots in Japan and the dragons that govern each area

From the editor

After working on Summoning the Fairies by Ami Himenomiya, I planned for some books about “unseeable beings.” One of those books was about dragons. Three years ago, I realized after doing some research that there weren’t many books about dragons and spirituality, so I decided to create one. This led me to author Hikari Osugi, who has extensive knowledge on the subject. This book has all you need to know about dragons–spiritual beings that Japanese people have had a close connection with for many generations. After much modification, we were able to make illustrations of dragons for the cover and to go along with the text that suited the subject matter of the book. We hope you enjoy both the pictures and the information itself.


Hikari Osugi

Hikari Osugi is the CEO of Atea Co. When she was a child, she had the ability to sense the presence of dragons and fairies and was able to sense what others were thinking. These abilities became dormant, but they didn’t go away. Over 30 years later, after becoming a mother, her childhood experiences and intuition came back to her. This led her to develop the methods, based on her knowledge of history, religion, psychology, literature, business management and spirituality, that allowed her to start a company. The company’s Kami-tabi (Trip to the gods) tour, the first of its kind in Japan, allows people to visit various shrines around the country. The tour has a 96.5% repeat customer rate. She also provides a service connecting clients with a shrine that best suits them personally, providing readings about their guardian deity, and giving related lectures and becoming a “dragon whisperer.” Since 2013, she’s been providing spiritual consulting for businesses dealing with the importance of having a healthy connection with the gods.