What’s Happening When Good Luck Strikes?

by Hisatsugu Ishida

ISBN978-4-7631-3491-2 C0030

266 pages / October 2015 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Read signs coming from your superconsciousness! Includes a CD that will bring you luck and fortune just by listening to it.


The author of this book was for many years a man down on his luck. But what is it that’s happening when good luck does strike? How can we repeat it? Once he started asking these questions, his life was enriched as his wishes came true and his annual income grew to 30,000,000 yen. 

Actually, there are two things that always happen when we experience unbelievable good luck. The first one involves signs from your superconsciousness. These are deemed “unexpected certainties” and are signs from the cosmos. Unexpected voices from within, words that unnerve you upon hearing them, and unexpected cooperation from others are among the “signs” you will receive. Nothing happens when you ignore these signs or fail to act on them. These cases depend on energy as a source of action. In other words, the second thing that needs to be present for luck to strike is burning “energy.”
This book provides logical explanations about how to properly interpret signs from your superconsciousness, and how to get your energy to reach the boiling point. It also includes a CD that will bring you luck and fortune just by listening to it. With this book and CD, shake your subconscious to awaken your superconscious and ride the wave of good luck.  
Here are some of the voices of those who experienced miracles after reading this book:

– I was practically unemployed until age 35, when I suddenly found myself working at a major foreign-owned enterprise and with a beautiful girlfriend! (Man in his 30s from Tokyo, Japan)
– Before I knew it I was making over 5,000,000 yen a month and had decided to move overseas! (Man in his 40s from Aichi, Japan)

– I was struggling to find a marriage partner, but I hit it off with a guy I met on a random girl’s night out and married him the next year! (Woman in her 30s from Hiroshima, Japan)
– A month after I wrote down what I wanted and its price (4,700,000 yen) on a piece of paper, I received a sudden income which is exactly the same price as what I wrote down on a paper! (Man in his 40s from Fukuoka, Japan)
– I’ve wanted to be a company president since I was young. A month after I started writing that down on paper, I was suddenly made president of my company! (Man in his 20s from Tokyo, Japan)

From the table of contents

– Two things are happening when luck is good
– Wishes come true by the equation Y=aX+b!
– Signs are loud by nature!
– “Stress is great!” — Turn stress into energy
– “The way to get out of a desperate situation” as told by managers
– Are you involved in a love that makes your body tremble?
– The cosmos loves “youth”!
– The secret to eliminating financial troubles in one night
– The nature of superconsciousness resembles the protagonist of a nationally known comic book
– Be the idiot dreamer whose dreams come true!
– The various things that were verified while writing this book

From the editor

This is the author’s second title since his first bestseller book, packed with even more exciting messages to shake your subconscious than his previous book, What’s Happening When Dreams Come True? Wanting to share the feeling I had after taking part in his seminars and listening to his e-mail podcast with as many people as possible, we included a CD containing Ishida’s voice with this book. With the help of the book and CD, you can learn to catch messages that rattle your subconsciousness and awaken your superconsciousness.


Hisatsugu Ishida

Hisatsugu Ishida is a mental coach, lecturer, traveler, and the representative director at Answer Co. He is a popular lecturer who has helped over 18,000 people realize their dreams. His blog receives about 300,000 views a month. He traveled the world after graduating from university, finishing graduate school after returning to Japan. He then went through periods of both employment and unemployment before becoming able to fully support himself in 2005. He’s updated his blog every day since starting it in 2004, and has performed Takigyou — the ascetic practice of meditating while sitting under a waterfall — over 1,200 times.

By following the laws of the universe, he’s able to lead a fulfilling lifestyle that includes good health, strong relationships between family and friends, a steady income, and extra time to enjoy. His soul-shaking, emotion-filled lectures and his elaborate, science-based theories have won him great popularity. On top of the many lecture requests he receives from the Chamber of Commerce and businesses and schools all over the country, he has toured other areas of the world, mainly in Asia. As a traveler and a lecturer, he has visited over 40 countries. Q — the author’s nickname — was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1973 and currently resides in Fukuoka Prefecture. His previous work published by Sunmark Publishing, What’s Happening When Dreams Come True?, sold 50,000 copies in its first two months.