What to Do, What Not to Do

by Teruko Kobayashi

ISBN978-4-7631-3672-5 C0095

249 pages / January 2018 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Life hints from an 82-year-old beauty expert.


In this book, looking back on her own past failures, Teruko Kobayashi explains 25 do’s and don’ts that can help people today. 

Get in touch with many of life’s truths that can be found in ordinary situations, presented with a wisdom only someone of Teruko’s age could possess, including “Don’t make comparisons,” “Don’t be jealous,” “Don’t pry,” “Don’t hide your faults,” “Smile,” “Keep moving,” “Make time for yourself,” and “Forgive one another.”


Author Teruko Kobayashi is a beauty research legend who has been active for over 60 years. She started a company at age 56, and established a high school at age 75.  As she still continues to start new projects even at the age of 82, she is an embodiment of the “100-year life span” era that is beginning in Japan. This book is filled with the wisdom that helps a wide range of people including young people in their 20s and healthy 100-year-olds. Know that you can start a new life at any age.

An excerpt from the book:


Worrying won’t do anything for you. All you can do is live your life. It is false that changing to a moderate lifestyle in your old age is a virtue. It’s okay to be a little greedy and covet this one life we have. Do not focus negatively on your faults. The wrinkles you have acquired on your face over time are a badge of honor earned by living a long life. Whether over small or big things, getting bent out of shape is very unattractive. The past is the past, even if it happened only one minute ago. Lamenting over the past won’t change the past, but you can change the future. Smiling becomes even more important with age. Smiling makes you more likable. Apologize when necessary, but always stay true to your beliefs.

From the table of contents

◆ What not to do

Don’t make comparisons

Don’t be jealous

Don’t waste the day

Don’t worry

Don’t become attached to money

Don’t pry

Don’t be envious

Don’t gossip

Don’t hide your faults

Don’t lie

Don’t talk too fast

Don’t overdo it

Don’t be wasteful


And more


◆What to do

Use your full name


Learn from young people

Apologize if it was your fault


Work hard and play hard

Keep a notebook

Take care of yourself

Make time for yourself

Maintain a sense of beauty

Forgive one another

Say a proper goodbye to loved ones

Express gratitude


And more

From the editor "Taka-Tomo"

A veteran editor with over 25 years of experience came to see me and told me she was leaving the publishing company to become a freelance writer. We were university friends who performed in plays together. I asked her, “As an editor, who is the most amazing person you ever met? ” The name that came out of her mouth was author Teruko Kobayashi.


Having faith in her opinion, I went to meet Teruko right away. She is an incredibly charming 82-year-old woman with an overwhelming presence. Every question I had was met with quick, profound responses, and she was nice enough to give me some words of praise. 


“You have a lot of power in your eyes. Not very many people have eyes like that.” Hearing that from a legendary beautician was beyond flattering. Since that day, I’ve spent half a year condensing all of her words down into this book. I hope this book will move you as much as I was moved by speaking with her.



Teruko Kobayashi

Teruko Kobayashi is a beautician and makeup artist born in 1935. During the war and throughout the postwar period, she was raised by 5 people, including her birth parents and foster parents. She moved to Tokyo as a young woman. She attended beauty school and sold insurance door to door.  She then joined the cosmetics company –KOSÉ, where she worked for over 35 years and did research on beauty and developed “natural makeup.” She is responsible for many top-selling cosmetic products for women. Her “magic hands” have been put to use for advertisements, TV and stage plays, bringing out the beauty in thousands of people including both celebrities and non-celebrities. After retiring from KOSÉ in 1991 as the director of the company’s research department she established her own company, Be Fine, at age 56. After her Happy Make line of cosmetics became a hit, she opened a makeup academy called From Hand in 1994 at the age of 59. She has since become the principal of the academy, where numerous makeup artists and instructors are born.


In 2010, at the age of 75, she started a new type of educational institution where one can acquire a high school education while becoming an expert beautician. The school is called Aoyama Beauty Gakuin, and there are currently schools in both Tokyo and Kyoto. She is passionate about the education of young students in their formative years, and strives to foster the talent of the future. Even at age 82, her schedule is booked solid. Along with working as a planner, consultant and trainer, she is also heavily involved in volunteer work. As her work in recent years has been mainly focused around medical care and beauty, she provides research and training lectures to makeup therapists as a representative of the “medical, beauty, mind study group.” She has helped over 100 people become makeup therapists. She has also authored many other books besides this one.