A Lesson on Instant Happiness

by Kotaro Hisui

ISBN978-4-7631-3664-0 C0095

296 pages / December 2017 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

This textbook on living a happy life is the product of 12 years of research.


A manual about life from an author who has written numerous books on happiness. Here you’ll find the secret to happiness you were never taught in school.


This book is for:

  • Those who feel happiness doesn’t exist.
  • Those whose lives remain unchanged after having read countless books.
  • Those who are burdened by stress and anxiety.

This book will resolve all of these issues!


Were you aware that the Chinese character for “happiness” derives from a pictograph of hands in handcuffs?


The idea is that not being bound by handcuffs is a blessing. If you look at it that way, happiness isn’t something that’s created, but a state describing circumstances that are free of misfortune. This book will help you to clearly visualize and resolve any misfortune, be it stress, personal shortcomings, or poverty.


If you’re in distress, this book is what you need. If a person appears to be transparent, you scream “Ghost!” and look on in fear. If you see them clearly, you think nothing of it and walk right by. The concept is the same with any personal issues. If you see them for what they are, you can resolve them easily.

From the table of contents

“Misfortunes that have been visualized successfully”


Negativity/stress/every day is boring/

Uncertainty about the future/poverty/the truth about your enemies/

Why you can’t find love/shortcomings/trauma/

a lack of confidence/failure/the difference between success and happiness/

in a pinch/ And more…

From the editor "Kisshie"

In addition to math and English, why weren’t we also taught at school how to live a meaningful life? The amount of time we spend simply living is overwhelmingly longer than the amount of time we spend studying. However, I think I figured out the answer to that question once I became an adult. It’s because “how to live a happy life” isn’t something you can simply teach people. To all of you teachers out there, I’m sorry I was blaming you!


I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of creating a book on such a topic and was curious to know who could write it. The first person I thought about was the energetic bestselling author Kotaro Hisui.


He exceeded my expectations. We produced a book more perfect than I could have imagined. This is the only book that I know of that’s both fun and teaches you about life. Take a look for yourself!


Kotaro Hisui

Kotaro Hisui is a translator of “good spirits”, author and gifted copywriter whose motto is “Your life will change if you change your point of view.” He studied psychology, and earned his qualifications as a mental health counselor under Nobuyuki Eto of the Japan Mental Health Association. His book Wise Saying Therapy — Happiness in 3 Seconds (Discover 21) won the Discover Message Book Prize, becoming a 300,000-copy bestseller. His other bestsellers include You Might Die Tomorrow, Your Life is Boring Because You’re Making It Boring (Discover 21) and The How to Look at Things Differently Test Book (Shodensha). He has also co-authored a number of other books including The World’s Most Ridiculous Way to Make Your Dreams Come True (Forest Publishing) and Why Did Jobs Wear Only a Black Turtleneck? (A-works).