The Rules of the Full Moon

by Yasuyuki Sato

ISBN978-4-7631-3590-2 C0030

254 pages / October 2016 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

If you direct your attention to “the perfect circle,” all of your worries will disappear.


There is no such thing as a crescent moon. The moon only appears that way because of the angle at which the sun’s light hits it. Its real shape is a perfect circle, with no missing sections. Are you also only perceiving yourself and other people in sections, rather than as a whole? If you direct your attention to things in their “entirety” (answers), then the crescent moon (problems) will begin to vanish. This worldview and the counseling provided by the author have changed the lives of 150,000 people over the last 25 years.


A message from the author:

“Everybody possesses the spirit of the full moon, in other words, ‘a perfect circle,’ deep in their heart. It is in all of us, and is waiting to be realized and utilized. Imagine what would happen if we could all make use of this inner strength. Our families, our businesses, Japanese society, and all conflicts throughout the world would all improve dramatically. Don’t you think everybody would be much happier if everything went well? Even when temporary misfortunes come our way, don’t you think it will help to have this new sense of awareness?” (From the epilogue)

From the table of contents

– Your pain and troubles are caused by your “crescent moon”

– How do you drink a beer when you don’t have a bottle opener?

– Stop using your mind to understand the world, and your full moon will appear

– Are all of your shots holes-in-one?

– You desire happiness because you aren’t happy

– It only takes seconds to identify the “perfect circle”

– Are you only looking at the same picture continuously?

– Seeing a child’s “full moon”

– How to let go of things that are difficult to let go of

– If you know the answers ahead of time, problems disappear

– Exercises for identifying a “full moon”

– Rules that exceed “The rules of cause and effect” and “The rules of the mirror”

– Life is supposed to have happy endings

And more…

From the editor "Kaz"


I was surprised when author Yasuyuki Sato said, “Trying to think that way means you don’t think that way”. He also said, “telling yourself you will achieve a goal in three years means that you won’t actually achieve anything until three years has passed. Shouldn’t you just achieve your goals now?” These words were hard-hitting, and they sank in. We filled this book with similar realizations. Here I have a question for you.  How is a lighthouse able to illuminate far stretches of the ocean’s surface and our path both at the same time? The answer to this question is on page 207.


Yasuyuki Sato

Yasuyuki Sato is the founder of YS Consultant Inc. and the founder and president of IGA Inc. Born in Hokkaido in 1951, He left home and moved to Tokyo at the age of 15 to attend high school part time while also working as a dishwasher. After graduating, he became a top salesman of cosmetics and jewelry. At that time, he was also the top seller of educational materials.


In 1980, he established Japan’s first steak restaurant, called Kuishimbo. The restaurant grew rapidly due to its being the first standing-only steak restaurant that provided free rice refills. With 70 locations, the chain achieved an annual turnover of 5,000,000,000 yen, before he sold the rights to it.  With the experience he had gained, he developed the “Santa Sales Method,” which has produced several top salesmen, and he is continuously involved in giving seminars, lectures, and writing about sales.  Politicians and top businesspeople are among his many students. 


As a specialist of the mind, Mr.Sato established IGA Inc. in 1991. He developed his own method of psychotherapy that achieved great results in treating mental health and heart ailments, revolutionizing the medical industry. He has provided training assistance to entities such as ANA, Fujitsu, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, and Japan Post Holdings, among others. In the field of sports, he has trained high school baseball championship schools, Japanese pro boxing champions, marathon runners and sumo wrestlers. Total participants in Sato’s training sessions exceed 150,000 individuals. As an author, his main works include A Book to Read When Your Heart is Likely to be Broken at Work (PHP), A Book to Read to Erase Financial Worries (KADOKAWA), Try to Change, One Day at a Time (MIKASA SHOBO CO., LTD), Never Say No — Extreme Sales (Kanki Publishing), You Can Easily Change the Past (Sankei Shimbun), and others.