How to Stick to One Thing for a Long Period

by Tadaaki Kobayashi


174 pages / July 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

You can't continue a task that you don't know how to complete. What amazing method can stop you from giving up too easily?


Human actions consist of three steps: “begin,” “proceed” and “finish.” For various reasons, one of these three steps will not go well. In other words, your progress slows as you hit a wall. Those who can’t change their habits have this in common. This means that if you resolve what it is that’s slowing progress, your habits will become easier to change. This book, How to Stick to One Thing for a Long Period, introduces a method for making this possible. Even though people tell themselves they will start something today, work on it every day or give up a bad habit immediately, many people suffer setbacks when it comes to reaching their goal, be it English study, acquiring qualifications, exercise, diet, or giving up cigarettes and alcohol. However, there is no need to feel regret or to blame yourself. The reason you give up easily isn’t because you’re weak-willed. Fickleness, a lack of endurance, being too easy on yourself and a lack of seriousness are all possible reasons. Not being able to change your habits is what is keeping you from continuing something for a long period. After reading the methods introduced in this book, you will be able to “finish what you start.”

From the table of contents

2. Not trusting yourself
7. Becoming clumsy
8. Exciting your brain
12. Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages
19. Knowing your tendency to quit
22. Looking for pleasure “outside of yourself”
32. Keeping logic out of the equation
34. Putting things off

From the editor

I am definitely one of Tadaaki Kobayashi’s target readers. I have always been quick to give up on things, changing my hobby every week when I was a student. One time, I decided to study English because I was going on a trip overseas, but from the very next day I had already forgotten about it. There are countless more things I started but never finished. Despite all of this, I have been continuing with a diet for over a month now! I can’t believe it myself. Putting this book’s methods to use has helped me stick to my diet. I don’t think very many people are as easy on themselves as I am, but even I have found success with the help of this book. I recommend that everyone read it.


Tadaaki Kobayashi

Tadaaki Kobayashi is a business coach and Web consultant. He started his blog while working for an IT company in 2004. He became an avid blogger, ultimately leading him to work as a Web consultant. Furthermore, the newsletter Turn Knowledge into a Strength, which he started soon after launching his blog, has been in publication for over 10 years and is considered a classic. He also reads one book a day, having read over 10,000 so far. While managing millions of promotional videos on his blog every year, he leads seminars and workshops. His works as an author include Eliminating Pointless Tasks (SB Creative Corp.) and Making the Smartphone 10 Times Easier to Use (Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.).