What Makes Dreams Come True?

by Hisatsugu Ishida


296 pages / July, 2014 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Experience a change in your perspective.
Includes a "secret notebook" that will help you work on turning your dreams into reality.


“Your life choices are based entirely on assumption.” This is what a millionaire businessman told me when I was a poor working man. Once I decided to test this theory, 90 percent of my desires became a reality and my annual income grew to 20,000,000 yen. 

In a word, changing your outlook is all about enlightenment. If you open the door to enlightenment, the outlook that has shaped your life up until now will change drastically, and all of your wishes will come true. Furthermore, when wishes come true, enlightenment follows, completing a process that follows the laws of the universe.
The enlightenment process that this book explains is one that anybody can easily take part in and does not have anything to do with a cult, having special powers or being superhuman. Not only is it a simple process, this book comes with all of the tools you need, including a “secret notebook” attached to the first page. With this notebook in your possession, all you need is a pen to begin making your wishes come true. Put what you read in this book into practice, and allow your wishes to be granted.
Voices of readers:
– Our company’s profits more than doubled (man, 40’s, Shizuoka Prefecture).
– I gained 300,000 yen in steady income and was able to go to Hawaii with my boyfriend (woman, 30’s, Osaka).
– Just as I was giving up on looking for someone to marry, I met an amazing partner and got married right away (woman, 40’s, Kanagawa Prefecture).
– I was finally able to get a girlfriend for the first time in my life (man, 30’s, Hyogo Prefecture).
– I got a job at the company of my choice (woman, 30’s, Tokyo).

From the table of contents

Going from unemployed to earning 20,000,000 yen a year
3 conditions that help give birth to creation
Do you want to quit living, or are there things you desire?
When you open your awareness and reset reality
The man who earned over 1,000,000 yen in four months
Now released to the public! The secrets to making your wishes come true in 100 days
What the universe is expecting from humans
The phenomenon behind the growth of happiness over time
Never before available to the public! A mysterious deposit into your bank account
Throw away the “look before you leap” concept

From the editor

The first thing I noticed when I received the manuscript of this book was that it differed from the author’s blog and seminars; it was more serious but still had an alive, intimate quality to it that is typical of Q (Hisatsugu Ishida’s pseudonym).

If you read this book you will also feel your awareness and reality begin to change.


Hisatsugu Ishida

Hisatsugu Ishida is a mental coach, psychological therapist, lecturer, traveler, blogger, and the representative director of Answer Co. He was born in 1973 in Osaka, Japan, and currently lives in Fukuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, he traveled the world and entered graduate school upon returning to Japan.

He was completely unemployed at age 27, but did grueling work with a company for four and a half years after that. A year before he quit working, he had a spiritual awakening, which influenced him to start a blog and to begin practicing waterfall meditation.

When he started his own business in 2005, he was completely penniless, felt incompetent, and had no connections, but after studying and practicing the laws of the universe, he soon became blessed with more income, more time, stronger family relationships, and more friends.

While staying up-to-date with the latest in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, he practices various forms of traditional meditation like esoteric Buddhism and Zen meditation. Perhaps he could be considered a monk.

His coaching sessions about management, entrepreneurship, and starting a business are expensive but always have full attendance. Seats continued to fill as his psychological therapy treatment program designed for the general public was seeking volunteers. The goal of the seminar, which has been held all over Japan, is to improve mental health and has brought in around 10,000 participants. He has been acknowledged for giving lectures about detailed scientific theory that are emotionally and spiritually fulfilling to take part in.

It has already been over ten years since he started his blog called “Friends with the Universe” and has since then also practiced waterfall meditation over 1,000 times and counting.

His book, Friends with the Universe, published in 2009 by Hyogensha, reached the top of the Japanese book charts on Amazon and has received wide coverage in magazines and on TV and radio.