Why Successful Business People Use Big Wallets

by Junichiro Kameda


156 pages / December, 2010 / 1300 yen (w/o tax)

The truth told by a tax accountant who has seen the wallets of over 500 business owners. What people who attract money have in common


What kind of wallet are you using right now? What does the way you use it say about you? The author has seen hundreds of business owners’ wallets and noticed that those who are doing well all have and practice one common cardinal rule: They keep their wallets well organized. A mindset that might seem to have no direct effect, in fact, does influence your financial situation in a big way when it’s put into practice. The positioning of your money represents how you live your life. By using your wallet as a “gate,” you can keep a close eye on your money, use your money skillfully, and thus achieve freedom in your life in the simplest and most effective way possible.

This book is full of hands-on techniques that you’ll surely want to try out! Just try them and see!

From the table of contents

-Your wallet reveals how much you earn! Your annual salary will be 200 times the price of your wallet.
-Money avoids those who have overstuffed wallets.
-If you want to save money, buy expensive things.
-Put 10,000 dollars in your new wallet.
-Keep your wallet full of big bills.
-Don’t withdraw money from ATM machines at convenience stores.
-There are two paydays in a month.
-It might not be true that hard work is the way to make money!

From the editor

“Big wallets might be bothersomeļ½„ļ½„” That’s what those who have never used a big wallet before might be thinking-and that’s what I thought, too. But as the editor of this book, I might sound like a shady sales rep if I said, “I went out and got a new wallet and was astonished by the results!” However, when money flows in and out of your wallet, your mental state will undergo a big change. As you treat money with respect, you’ll be able to create a relationship of respect with people when you hand money to them. I usually try to buy things that I genuinely want. That way, I tend to not waste money on other things. The author says, “Your relationship with money is just like your relationships with people.” This really got me thinking: it sounds too simple, not realistic. But my suggestion is to just pretend that you’ve been brainwashed and go ahead and try it. As it says in the book, something unbelievable might happen


Junichiro Kameda

Junichiro Kameda is a tax accountant and attorney. In his school years, his father, a middle-class business owner, went bankrupt, which had a big effect on the author. At one point, he became homeless and was depressed, but he felt a sense of responsibility and had a desire to protect others from financial problems. Thus began his 10-year struggle to become a tax accountant and attorney. He now consults and helps small business owners who don’t feel comfortable with numbers, and he does that by showing them how to manage their finances. Over 90 percent of his clients have claimed dramatic improvements in their financial situations. While associating with many business owners, he noticed certain trends in how successful and not-so-successful people handled their wallets. Implementing his findings, his own annual salary drastically increased. “Your wallet is a great tool for changing your life,” he believes, and he is determined to help the owners of companies protect their wallets. He is also the author of another book called Divide Your Bank Book into Four Parts (Published by Keizaikai)