Answers from the Other World

by Un Kokusai


254 pages / March, 2010 / 1600 yen (w/o tax)

One day I suddenly heard a voice!
What did an everyday guy learn from discussions with the Other Side?
Over 50,000 copies sold in Japan!


I couldn’t understand why I, a typical guy with a typical job, would be suffering from memory loss as a result of depression. After I took a powerful drug prescribed by my doctor, I suddenly found that I was able to communicate with my guardian angel-a straight-speaking being in a yellow shirt-who used elegant proverbs to teach me the workings of the world. Among many other things, I learned how hardship is created and how to free myself from such troubles. It had such an enormous impact on me I became convinced that if everyone knew what I had been taught, peace would reign in the world. Wouldn’t you too like to know these secrets?

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 First contact
Chapter 2 The “honest” universe
Chapter 3 Training center for the soul
Chapter 4 Tours of this world
Chapter 5 Mental habits
Chapter 6 The rubber-ball trap
Chapter 7 The University of the Universe for This World
Chapter 8 What is happiness?
Chapter 9 The drunk
Chapter 10 The ego and the true self
Chapter 11 The matrix

From the editor

We talk about the other world as something dark and gloomy, but this book is a light-hearted conversation between the author and his guardian angel. As you read along, you’ll come to a point where you realize you’re nodding your head and saying, “Now it all makes sense.” Who are we? What is happiness? What is this life all about? What will seem like a pleasant read will lead you closer and closer to a place of understanding and enlightenment. Readers are in for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

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Un Kokusai

Born in Hokkaido, Un worked as a graphic designer before joining an advertising agency where he worked as a creative planner. In 2004, due to serotonin deficiency, he suffered from memory loss, leading to a strange spiritual experience. Based on this experience, he started a popular blog on the Internet titled “Answers from the Other World.” Bewildered by the changes going on around him, in 2008 he met Toshiro Abe, the head of the Imakoko [Here and Now] School, which became a turning point for Kokusai and led to a series of his lectures throughout Japan. You’ll find him surprisingly guileless-an awkward, unassertive person unable to do more than one thing at a time.