As a Man Thinketh ----A manga version

by Takao Koyama / Sachiko Takami


206 pages / December, 2009 / 1000 yen (w/o tax)


The teachings of James Allen had a significant impact on Dale Carnegie and many other writers because of Allen’s deep and wide-reaching philosophy. His works have been enthusiastically welcomed by Japanese readers during the past five years, with sales of more than 750,000 copies of a series of his writings. Now responding to numerous requests from those who follow James Allen’s way of thinking, Sunmark has published a manga version of the essence of his work — comparable to creating an animation based on a popular book. The heart of the messages have been extracted by Takao Koyama from the original works and illustrated by Sachiko Takami in a lively manga style. Allen’s basic message — that how you think and what you dream determines what you are — is beautifully illustrated throughout the book. Intriguing anecdotes are taken from our daily lives so that everyone can understand the key points in these invaluable teachings. This book is revolutionary, turning written messages into visual ones without changing the essential value of a true classic.


Takao Koyama

Takao Koyama, responsible for the text, has been active as a writer for more than 40 years, creating popular works with global recognition, such as Dragon Ball. He is a professor at the Osaka Art University, where he teaches the arts of creating manga and illustrations to Japanese students.

Sachiko Takami

Sachiko Takami, the manga artist, began her professional career when she received the Shueisha Manga Award. Since then she has kept up a very productive career creating her own original works and collaborating with scriptwriters.