Mom, I Choose You!

by Nobumi

ISBN978-4-7631-3642-8 C8771

32 pages / August 2017 / 1,200 yen (w/o tax)

A wonderful picture book by popular author Nobumi that will warm every mother’s heart


“Hey. Do you know why I chose you, mom?”


Children look down and choose their moms from the skies above.


“I choose that mom!”

 All the other children look surprised. 

“Really? Are you sure she’s the one?”

“Yes! I want that mom!”


At that point, the interaction and love between mother and child begins.


One day, a child told their angry mother a secret that made her cry.

What did the child say?


From the Afterword by Nobumi, the author:


“I met with children who remember their time in the womb.

When asked why they were born, most children answered, ‘To make mom a happier person, of course!’

“Children want to make their mothers happy and have the strength to make others happy as well. However, some mothers rely on scolding their children when trying to raise them as well as possible. Children want to make their moms happy, not to be scolded. Once their moms are happy, children can work on making others happy too. The more we try to make others happy, the better our world becomes. Bettering our world relies on how happy our mothers are.”


From the editor "Naoki"

Nobumi created this book after speaking with over 100 children who remember their time in their mother’s womb. Asking the children why they chose their birth mother brought mostly the same response: “I wanted her to be happy.” There are many things about our world that we don’t fully know or understand. I hope more people will live happily after understanding more about the rules of the unknown.



Nobumi was born in Tokyo in 1978. He has published over 160 picture books including hits such as Mommy Turned Into a Ghost!, Goodbye – Mommy Turned Into a Ghost! (Kodansha), The God Above Our Head, Santa Passport (Sunmark), Problem Child, Flower of Life (KADOKAWA), the Shinkansen Boy series (Akaneshobo), the Princess Kindergarten series (Ehonnosha), the I’m Going To Be a Kamen Rider! series, the Scared Monsters series, and the Tokkyuger Family series (Kodansha). He also drew for the Genshijinchan and Scared Monsters features on NHK’s Okaasan To Issho kid’s TV series, and Otete Ehon for NHK’s Miitsuketa kid’s TV program. He also produced the Japan Cabinet Office’s Suku Suku Japan characters in collaboration with manga artist George Morikawa. Atamaga Fukushima-chan, a character he developed for the children who suffered the effects of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima Prefecture, won first prize two years in a row at the Yuru Kyara Grand Prix (2013-2014).