Feel Your Best With Pelvic Adjustment Yoga

by Yuki Takahashi

ISBN978-4-7631-3652-7 C2075

159 pages / April 2018 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Loosening knots that occur deep in the body will eliminate ailments and pain.


You get tired easily and don’t get good rest.

You can’t get out of bed during menstruation.

Your lower back and shoulders are stiff.

You have trouble getting up and out of bed.

You can’t lose weight no matter what you do.

You feel sluggish and lethargic.

You don’t think your yoga poses are good enough.


We all have troubles related to our mind and body that grow more difficult to resolve as we get older. This is likely due to knots that occur deep inside the body. Many people who are in poor condition have stubborn knots, making their body less limber, lowering organ functionality, and making the mind weak.


After suffering from a gynecological disorder and a herniated disk from the age of 10, the author developed pelvic adjustment yoga and alleviated the knots in her body, improving her physical health and vitality. Since then, she has helped some 20,000 people completely change their condition.


In this book, she introduces methods that even beginners can easily handle. Her methods are so effective that over 1,300 people within Japan and from abroad have come to her to learn about pelvic yoga and have themselves become instructors. You too can use her effective methods to regain a comfortable body.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1          People who struggle have knots

Chapter 2          The power of loosening stubborn knots

Chapter 3          Let’s begin: Here are the basics of pelvic yoga

Chapter 4          Pelvic yoga for improving your condition

Appendix           Special sequences for even bigger results

From the editor "Shin"

An interview for this book began with great pain. Author Yuki Takahashi began applying pressure to the back of my right knee to loosen it, producing agonizing pain I’d never experienced before. I was teary-eyed, and convinced that my tendons and muscles had been damaged from the experience, when she said, “The muscles behind your knee are very knotted up.”

Then, she had me lie down and bring my right knee up to my chest as she pressed down on my knee, sending massive pain signals to my brain. I was convinced that my hip was broken and that I’d never jump again, as she said, “Your hip joints and ankles are extremely knotted up.” It was so painful that I couldn’t even bring myself to complain. I just kept moving my body the way she told me to.


Once I stood up, I realized my right leg felt extremely light. The complexion of my right leg was better than that in my left one, and I could move it with ease. She said, “It’s more limber now.”


People these days develop knots easily, and even daily stretches and simple yoga poses don’t always fix the problem. Unraveling the knots first and foremost is what’s important. But this doesn’t really answer the question: Kneading works, but is it actually “yoga”?

When I asked the author directly, she told me that traditional yoga involved kneading out knots as a first step before beginning actual poses. Yoga classes that used to be 120 minutes long were shortened to 90 or even 70 minutes to better suit modern lifestyles.


I decided that this important information needed to be made into a book.


This book is all about how to loosen knots inside your own body, so it won’t be as effective unless you have someone else do it to you. You can do it, but people tend to go easy on themselves when using their own hands, so results may be mild compared to when I was in the author’s hands.


Yuki Takahashi

Yuki Takahashi is the CEO and program director of Baby Yoga Associates. She took up yoga at the age of 16 in order to successfully tackle various health issues from which she was suffering throughout her childhood, including endometriosis. She became a yoga instructor in 2000.


She has developed leading baby yoga programs in Japan such as Baby Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Rody Yoga, and developed programs aimed at women for later in life, including Self-Adjustment Pelvic Yoga, Maternity Yoga, and Senior Yoga. In collaboration with the mobile phone company SoftBank, she operates the online school Roots of Life and provides learning content related to yoga and lifestyle. She has successfully reared 1,300 yoga instructors from Japan and beyond, and she’s had more than 20,000 students.