The Dynamic Stretching Method

by Michiya Tanimoto

ISBN978-4-7631-3569-8 C2075

149 pages / September 2017 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

A new book from the author of The Slow Training Diet, which sold around 400,000 copies.


Unwind your body and become surprisingly limber.


No more feeling sluggish, tired and unhealthy

Burn fat

Build muscle

Improve athletic performance


Different from standard stretching methods, this method involves large movements of the arms and legs that help to loosen your body. The biggest difference is improved blood flow. It also helps to loosen stiff muscles, eliminating fatigue.


The stretching method presented in this book is unique for its large movements, which help to loosen stiff muscles and make the body more limber. With a strengthened core as well, daily activities become instantly easier.


The method consists of aerobic exercise, muscle training and conditioning.

It helps to lose weight, become healthy, improve performance, and gain core strength.


This method will also work well for busy people or anyone who feels weak and out of shape. You can do it in your spare time or include the stretches in your daily activities. No matter how old you are, these stretches will make your body limber and flexible.


For each individual’s needs and goals, the method can be customized. Choose your favorite stretches and your preferred number of reps to achieve your ideal weight and figure.

From the table of contents

CHAPTER 1          How can this stretching method eliminate fatigue and other conditions?

CHAPTER 2          Free your body from stiffness

CHAPTER 3          These basic dynamic stretches reset your body

CHAPTER 4          These “boost” dynamic stretches burn fat

CHAPTER 5          Dynamic stretch strength that helps to build muscles

CHAPTER 6          These dynamic stretches are good for conditioning

CHAPTER 7          Foods that support a strong, energetic body.

From the editor "Hasumin"

We’ve felt the need to exercise more, especially after receiving poor health check results or playing a sport for the first time in a while. But if you lack stamina, doing any kind of exercise can be difficult.

The dynamic stretch method introduced in this book will make your body limber and ready for more activity.


It’s so easy that “no time” and “I’m old” are no longer valid excuses. Eighty percent of Japanese people exercise less than the recommended amount, and this book is the solution to that problem.


Michiya Tanimoto

Michiya Tanimoto was born in 1972 in Shizuoka, Japan. He is an associate professor at Kinki University’s Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology. He is also a medical member of the Japanese Olympic Committee and Japan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. He graduated from Osaka University majoring in Engineering and received a doctorate degree from The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He has authored many books including Rules After 35 to Be in the Best Shape of Your Life (Baseball Magazine), Textbook of Sports Science (Iwanami Shoten), and The Slow Training Diet (Takahashi Shoten). He has also appeared on NHK’s “Ohayo Nippon” and Fuji TV’s “Honmadekka!?TV.”