3 Minutes a Day! “Neck Pumping” for Good Health

by Takashi Nagai

ISBN978-4-7631-3620-6 C0036

238 pages / April 2017 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

The latest health method that refreshes your whole body!


Only 3 minutes a day!

Heart and body health improve dramatically with neck self-care!


The neck has the important role of connecting the brain to the body. When your neck acts as a “plug” — in other words, when its muscles are stiff and blood circulation is stagnant — it has a negative impact on blood circulation in the brain. Since your brain monitors bodily functions and health, this could cause serious health issues.


This “neck block” is the cause of stiff shoulders, lower-back pain, irritation, anxiety and a lack of determination.


You could say, “Your neck controls your vitality.”

“Unblocking” your neck will revitalize your body!


In this book a popular Seitai (chiropractic) bodywork specialist, who has provided medical treatment and guidance to around 60,000 patients, introduces “neck pumping,” his own form of neck self-care.


“Neck pumping” involves rhythmic exercising of the neck muscles and stretching that stimulates blood flow.


Improve your health drastically by doing this easy, comforting exercise for only 3 minutes a day.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 “Neck block” is impairing your recovery

Chapter 2 A flexible neck puts your body into “super high-performance mode”

Chapter 3 How “neck pumping” eliminates various ailments

Chapter 4 Three minutes a day practicing “neck pumping”!

Chapter 5 Six easy techniques to keep your neck flexible

Chapter 6 A flexible neck keeps your body and heart healthy and heart healthy

From the editor "Kuro"

15hen_kuroI experience neck and shoulder stiffness from being hunched over my computer and manuscripts all year long. After trying neck pumping, I immediately felt better, and my neck and shoulder stiffness subsided. I encourage you to try it! This book also includes a cute cover and nice pictures.


Takashi Nagai

Takashi Nagai, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1982, is a Seitai (chiropractic) therapist who heads a Seitai school. He is also the COO of the Japan Enrichment Association. 


After graduating from the university, he began working for a venture company, but stress from hard work caused autonomic nerve damage. Losing his career to autonomic ataxia and the early deaths of his father and grandfather helped him fully realize the importance of good health.


After struggling with over 100 different rejuvenation methods, he decided to focus on Seitai after experiencing the dramatic effects of American chiropractic. He noticed the hidden strength of the neck in bettering health. His specialty is in autonomic nerves. In a span of about six years, he has treated over 600,000 people including professional athletes and other physicians.  He also provides “self-care” guidance to a number of patients who visit him from surrounding areas and overseas.


His own “neck pumping” self-care method has contributed to the rehabilitation of all of his clients. His methods are fast and easy, yet effective, and the benefits are easily obtainable by anyone. He is working hard to popularize these methods as much as possible. As an author, his works include A One-Minute Stomach Massage Will Change Your Life and Reset the Body to Eliminate Fatigue (both Jiyukokuminsha).