Fight Illness With Ginger and Cocoa!

by Kaname Hirayanagi

ISBN978-4-7631-3589-6 C0036

123 pages / October 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Make your blood vessels 20 - 40 years younger with this new healthy habit! Drink it twice a day for only 55 yen!


“Get rid of your pot belly,” as seen on TV!

The “ginger cocoa health method” that has improved the health of many people is now available in this book. Comments from those who have reaped the benefits of this easy health method include, “My blood vessels are 40 years healthier,” “My blood pressure went down by 40 figures,” “My blood sugar level was lowered by 27 units,” “I lost body fat” and “I lost around three kilos!”

It’s very easy! Mix one teaspoon of cocoa and one teaspoon of minced ginger into 200 ml of hot water. If you drink this twice a day, your blood pressure and blood sugar levels will improve. It also helps prevent dementia, ataxia, arteriosclerosis and sensitivity to cold. Enjoy the miraculous benefits of ginger and cocoa as discovered by Dr. Ginger himself.

Comments from those who’ve experienced the benefits firsthand:

My blood pressure level went from 157 to 117. My blood vessel age was 73, but it became 32 after one month of drinking ginger cocoa!

– 45-year-old man

My blood vessel age is now 24 years lower than my actual age! My edema has been reduced as well!

– 67-year-old woman

My blood sugar level went from 107 mg/dl to 80 mg/dl, and I’m no longer sensitive to the cold.

– 38-year-old woman

Even while eating a lot, I lost body fat little by little! It’s a delicious drink!

– 36-year-old woman
Three years ago, my blood vessel age was 90 but now it’s 52!

– 70-year-old man

I always had to take laxatives, but thanks to ginger cocoa, I’m in great shape now!

– 76-year-old woman

From the table of contents

Preface: Ginger and cocoa: a powerful combination!

Chapter one: The illness prevention power of “ginger cocoa”

Chapter two:  It tastes like honey!? A recipe revealed!

Chapter three: Ask Dr. Ginger: 10 things to know about ginger!

From the editor

I always figured ginger was a healthy food, but when I learned from Dr. Hirayanagi about the wide range of health benefits the root provides, I soon realized that using ginger only as a condiment is a waste of its true power. Combining it with cocoa only increases its power. Everybody should try this new super drink!


Kaname Hirayanagi

After graduating from the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine at The University of Tokyo, Dr. Kaname Hirayanagi spent time as a visiting researcher at the University of Parma in Italy and Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. He then became a faculty member at the Nihon University School of Medicine. He is also a councilor of the Japan Ergonomics Society, Japan Space and Aviation Medical Research Society, Japanese Association for Clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen and Diving Medicine, and The Japanese Society for Hygiene. He is also the head of the H&W, a food and medicine research institute. For the last 20 years, he has earned trust as the leading researcher of ginger, sharing evidence-backed information on TV, radio and in magazines. While working as a researcher with Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lotte, Nagatanien and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), he does beekeeping and conducts experiments on other healthy foods in his hometown in Gunma Prefecture. His nationwide lectures about ginger are currently gaining popularity.