A Woman’s Fate Changes with Her Hair

by Yumi Sato

ISBN978-4-7631-3563-6 C0030

191 pages / June 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Japan’s first essay on the importance of a woman’s hair. Instantly change your fate and people’s impression of you.


You’d probably be surprised if someone told you that 70% of Japanese women are disadvantaged by their hairstyle. Author Yumi Sato, who has worked for 15 years as a fashion magazine hairstylist, says that hair is much more important than clothing or makeup. The reason is how a woman is perceived is determined by her hair. The beauty salon is always the first place fashion magazine editors take new models. Even personal stylists will take them to a salon first, because the first order of business is to change the model’s hairstyle to make them look more hip. Depending on how your hair is styled, the impression people have of you will greatly change. Your hairstyle can be arranged to make you look thinner, younger, more hardworking and sexier.

In other words, if you don’t get your hair in order, you will continue to give off a bad impression! You won’t be able to easily alter your persona or become more like those whom you strive to be. Therefore, start by changing your hairstyle to become the real you! Compared with clothing and makeup, changing your hairstyle takes the least amount of time and brings powerful results.
What’s important is not to choose a hairstyle that suits you but one that represents the person you imagine yourself to become. Whether you want trust, more income, marriage, a youthful look, a feeling of importance or just to be the most stylish mom in the room, choosing a hairstyle that fits your personal image will give you the results you want.
Your hair is with you at all times — 24 hours a day — even after you undress and take off your makeup. Women around the world who possess an aura of beauty know this, and they never cut corners when it comes to their hair.

Changing your appearance will change the way others treat you and is the quickest, most reliable way to change your personality and improve your luck.

From the table of contents

Chapter one: Your hair is most of your face

– Your beautiful aura resides in your hair

– One centimeter off your bangs is more noticeable than 20 centimeters off the rest of your hair

– Make your head appear smaller to improve your figure

– How to look three kilos lighter

Chapter two: Your hair is most of your character

– Choose the hair you want over the hair that suits you

– Don’t hide your insecurities

– Avoid long hair to break away from the norm

– How to get the best out of your salon visit

Chapter three: Your hair is most of your sex appeal

– Beautiful hair reveals your true DNA

– Try out the “cent.FORCE style” that men love the most

– Let your hair make you look great when you don’t feel great

– Remove clutter when it comes to romance and your hair

Chapter four: Your hair is most of your age

– Don’t wash your hair with shampoo

– Shampoo at night instead of in the morning for healthier hair

– You have “hair that controls how old you look”

– Look five years younger by adding volume

Conclusion: Your hair is most of your vitality

From the editor

I also worry about my hair and which parts of my face I want to hide. I had unruly hair and often embarrassedly attended school without styling it. I don’t know many times I’ve wondered how different my life would have been if I had had beautiful hair. Almost everybody worries about their hair. I heard a lot of different worries while making this book, and I made sure to include a large amount of concrete advice in the finished product. With the help of Yumi Sato and others, we were able to fill this book with powerful advice.
We received a lot of heart-warming feedback from readers who said they were actually moved to tears by this practical book. Thanks to this book, I was also able to gain more self-confidence and confidence in my hair. Make this book a part of your life, rethink the importance of your hair, and regain your self-confidence.


Yumi Sato

Yumi Sato is Japan’s first writer and editor on hair. She was born in Hokkaido, Japan, in 1976. She worked as a hair stylist for fashion magazines and hair catalogues for 15 years, doing over 2,000,000 haircuts in 40,000 different styles. Around 20,000 beauticians in Japan have attended her lectures (that’s one out of every 20 beauticians in the country), and professionals consider her to be the most knowledgeable about hair presentation. Her involvement in the industry is widespread. She is a judge for Japan’s largest hairstyle photo contest and the chief editor for UNIQUE PIECE, a hairstyle and haircare information site aimed at women in their 40s. She also acts as an advisor to beauty salons and for the selling of haircare and styling products. In recent years, she has been focusing mainly on women’s hair, introducing people to beauty salons that match their needs.