Burn Fat With High-Intensity Interval Training

(DVD incl.)

by Takashi Okada

ISBN978-4-7631-3496-7 C2075

126 pages / March 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Burn fat with only 4 minutes of exercise!


This book was introduced on the Japanese TBS network radio show Bakushou Mondai No Nichiyou Sandē” with a rave response.

The whole world is talking about HIIT (high-intensity Interval training), an amazing 4-minute workout method that initially burns 100 calories, allowing the body to continue burning up to 1,000 more calories post-workout. It takes only a few minutes at home, with no need for workout machines or gym visits. The short workouts are even easier if you do them while watching the DVD included with this book. 

Originally designed for top athletes to quickly increase their muscle stamina and cardiovascular strength to high levels through an intense workout that uses the entire body and results in total exhaustion, this training method can also be applied to people with low physical endurance and those who worry about their weight.


“I don’t have time to work out.”
“Going to the gym is a pain.”
“I don’t want to spend money on exercising.”
“Long workouts are out of the question.”

HIIT was designed for people like this!
HIIT will give you the best results you’ve ever gotten from exercising.

From the table of contents

CHAPTER 1    How does HIIT burn so much fat?
CHAPTER 2    HIIT gives vitality to a weak body
CHAPTER 3    Avoiding things that cause weight gain
CHAPTER 4    Lose the weight entirely with HIIT
APPENDIX 1   Foods that will improve HIIT results
APPENDIX 2   Stretches that boost results and reduce tiredness

From the editor

I didn’t have to worry too much about overeating when I was in my 20’s, but that changed when I entered my 30’s. Then in my 40’s, on top of weight gain, I had to begin worrying about illness and work performance. I started running, but it took too much time, my knees hurt a bit, and depending on the weather my motivation would drop, but I was able to keep up with HIIT with no problem.

You only need to move for 4 minutes. You only need a small amount of floor space — about the size of one tatami mat (approx. 1.5 m2). In this short amount of time you still get a sense of fulfilment as you feel your breathing rate increase. If you do it at night, you will feel energetic and limber throughout the next day. 

I also feel more full and satisfied after meals. I used to eat lunch at work whether or not I was hungry, but thanks to HIIT I have power and energy all day, I can feel the fat burning away, and the way I experience hunger is different. I can feel my body’s cells are asking for more energy.

The results are also visible on the outside as my body shape has changed. Everyone should try this extreme training method right away.


Takashi Okada

Takashi Okada was born in Aichi, Japan, in 1980.  He is an associate professor at Nippon Sport Science University and a Japan Sports Association athletics trainer. He is a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and is certified by the Japan Association of Training Instructors. He is a judo and water polo trainer on the Japanese Olympic Committee, and a physical trainer and coach for the boys’ national judo team, as well as the Japan national water polo team.  Mr. Okada is also a member of the Japan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. He graduated from Nippon Sport Science University’s Graduate School of Physical Education, then received all necessary credits for a doctorate from The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo  but left there before graduating.  After studying at Nippon Sport Science University, the author studied under the University of Tokyo professor and world-class bodybuilder Naokata Ishii.  

He was the 2014 Tokyo Open Bodybuilding Championship 70kg group champion. He possesses the latest information about body training and dieting, and teaches top methods to top athletes. Takashi Okada is referred to as the “ripped master with a body of steel.”