Get Rid of Anger by Pressing Hand Pressure Points

by Masatoshi Kato

ISBN978-4-7631-3537-7 C0036

208 pages / April 2016 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Those who are quick to become emotional should read this.


Irritability, jealousy, anxiety, anger, sorrow, loneliness and impatience are examples of “bad” emotions. We can live each day in a calm, relaxed state as long as we alleviate these feelings. We all experience a number of these persistent and troublesome emotions, for which the author has developed pressure-point brain treatment. Pressing the different pressure points in your hand resets your brain to normal functionality, temporarily helping to manage emotions. This book introduces which pressure points work best for a variety of stressful situations that occur in our daily lives. The book provides a “skeleton map” to help you precisely locate each pressure point on your hand. Every household should have a copy of this book! This is a must-read for those who need more calm in their lives.

Common stresses and their related pressure points discussed in the book include:

  • “I get angry very quickly.” – Gokoku
  • “I gradually become more and more irritated.” – Gyosai
  • “I’m overly germ-cautious.” – Kanshi
  • “I’m terrible at speaking in front of others.” – Shosho
  • “I’m losing my concentration with age.” – Kansho
  • “I’m bad at remembering things recently.” – Chusen
  • “I get depressed more easily than others.” – Gekimon

And more!

From the table of contents

Prologue           How to get rid of anger and sadness

Chapter 1         Using “pressure-point brain therapy” to alleviate bad emotions

Chapter 2        Seven tips for practicing “pressure-point brain therapy”

Chapter 3         Pressure points that suppress anger and sadness

Chapter 4         Pressure points for improving motivation

From the editor

I myself was spending each day experiencing anger and anxiety, wondering what I could do to get rid of such feelings when I met Mr. Kato. He told me that in only five seconds, I could remedy bad emotions by pressing on certain pressure points. I’ve been doing that ever since, with excellent results. I highly recommend this book, as it will definitely help you to live your life in peace.


Masatoshi Kato

Masatoshi Kato is a pharmaceutical therapist who is the representative director of Mitsu Enterprises and the head of the Japan Holistic Therapist Academy. After visiting a number of treatment centers and seeing mental health concerns being overlooked due to a lack of communication, he fully realized the importance of putting human relations ahead of knowledge and skill. He then began mastering the art of counseling and management coaching, opening a clinic that provides “care for the body and mind” in 1995. It was at this time that he began studying Oriental medicine, namely, Chinese massage, learning about the pressure points that correspond to vital parts of the body. With his deep knowledge of pressure points and the human body, he has helped professional athletes and instructed professional baseball trainers. He also appears on television and gives many lectures. As an author, he has published various works including Pressing the Right Pressure Point (Takahashi Shoten Co., Ltd.), Pressing the Right Lymph Nodes and Pressure Points (Nihon Bungeisha), and Poison and the Human Body! (KADOKAWA). Masatoshi Kato is currently doing clinical research on diet, exercise and depression at the Showa University School of Pharmacy.