Raise Your Temperature and Improve Your Health

by Masashi Saito, M.D.


206 pages / March, 2009 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)


A body temperature below 98.6oF(36oC) weakens human immunity and lowers your ability to stay healthy. The author, a medical doctor qualified to practice in Japan, the United States and Europe, describes a new method for raising your body temperature to improve your health. He provides easy-to-follow exercises such as a unique technique for muscle training, prescribing bananas and cheese before and after exercising. He also suggests boosting growth hormones by doing anaerobic and aerobic exercises one after the other. The book offers advice for staying in good health as we face the many demands of modern-day life.

From the table of contents

Chapter 1 Raise your body temperature and improve your health
– If your temperature goes down by one degree, your immunity is weakened by 30 percent
– Take a bath when you catch a cold
– Raise your body temperature by 1oC once a day
Chapter 2 This is how you can raise your temperature
– Build more muscle and be healthier
– Do muscle training once every three days
– Why bananas and pickled plums are good for your health
Chapter 3 Social stresses lower your body temperature
– Every disease stems from social stress
– Be careful about using painkillers, antipyretics, steroids and anticancer drugs
– Aging can be counteracted by raising body temperature
Chapter 4 Ideal ways to avoid low body temperature
– Warm up your body for sound sleep
– Avoid in-flight meals to overcome jet lag
– The best and healthiest drink is hot water

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Masashi Saito, M.D.

Masashi Saito, M.D., is licensed in Japan, the United States and Europe as a professional specialist in anti-aging. His Manhattan-based medical clinic is frequently visited by sports professionals and CEOs of major corporations.
He appears on TV frequently with his easy-to-follow practices that are explained in detail in this book.