How to Become Younger by Playing Golf

by Masashi Saito, M.D.


206 pages / January, 2010 / 1400 yen (w/o tax)


Most golfers’ attitude is that playing golf is a good way to stay young. The truth is, it depends. If you do certain things wrong, it can work against your health. Masashi Saito, a licensed M.D. for anti-aging therapy in the EU, the US and Japan, reveals some unique ways to feel even younger by playing golf. An essential part of your body is the spine, not only for golfing but for other aspects of your health throughout life, the author insists. If you continued using a bad swing, it eventually could cause some health problems. If you love golfing, you have to use your body and nervous system correctly, and this book by a single-handicapper M.D. shows you how.

From the table of contents

1 The right way to warm up your body
2 Raise your body temperature
3 Utilize the citric acid cycle
4 Sunshine gives you stronger bones
5 Men also experience a climacteric syndrome
6 If you have back pain, your golf game is making you older fast
7 Five indicators of age in the human body
8 Warm up your body at least once a day
9 Use the parasympathetic nervous system in the right way
10 Golfing style that causes hardening of the arteries
11 Well-balanced management of aging

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Masashi Saito, M.D.

Masashi Saito is an M.D. licensed to practice anti-aging therapy in Europe, the United States and Japan. His Manhattan-based medical clinic is frequently visited by sports professionals and CEOs of major corporations. His book Raise Your Body Temperature and Get Healthier is a bestseller in Japan, selling over 600,000 copies.