A Book of Sacred Images That Will Increase Your Luck

by Ere Maria


188 pages / October 2013 / 940 yen (w/o tax)

More and more people are experiencing miracles!
Happiness can come to you too!


Koya and Akiko Yamakawa, both translators of numerous international bestsellers, highly recommend this beautiful book.
It contains pictures of many sacred or legendary entities, including angels, fairies, dragons, the Chinese phoenix, Pegasus, unicorns, dolphins, mermaids and goddesses.
All the paintings are by author Ere Maria, whose inspiration came from these very sacred sources.

That’s why the drawings of sacred beings exude such powerful energy.
So, it follows that magical luck comes to the people who see these paintings.
You can put this book in your bag or carry it like an amulet. You can also close your eyes and open a page to receive the message and energy you need to get you through the day.
So turn the page and connect with the world of the divine.

From the table of contents

If you write it down, it will come true! — My wish list

From the editor

I first saw Ere Maria’s drawings about seven or eight years ago on a poster for an event. Since then, I have felt that her paintings have a sense of spirituality, yet they are still charming and very beautiful. I’ve always wanted to publish a book with her works, but I wasn’t sure about what direction the book should take. This year, I got a sudden impulse to produce a book with unicorns and Pegasus, and that was when I got the idea for a book with a collection of Ere Maria’s works. This is a powerful book with not just unicorns and Pegasus but also many other sacred entities!


Ere Maria

Ere Maria is an angelic healing energy artist. She receives energy and messages from sacred beings such as the Virgin Mary and angels, and then paints pictures that pass on happiness in sacred waves.
She started working as a real artist in 2000, using the name Lala Mariko. On February 1, 2008, she changed her name to Ere Maria to match the change in energy that she felt within herself. Ere Maria means “the light of Lemuria.”
She holds solo exhibitions, spiritual workshops and sessions around the country. In October 2011, with the guidance of angels, she was able to have a solo exhibition in Paris, something she had wanted to do for a long time. Many of her sacred paintings have been published in books and magazines, for example, in Making a Home Where Angels Land (Sogo Horei). Oracle cards with her works, such as Gaia Oracle Cards and Galaxy Oracle Cards (produced by Visionary Company), are also available.