Toddler's Message

by Yoh Shomei


48 pages / January, 2002 / 1,500 yen (w/o tax)

Picture books that brighten mothers' hearts
Beautifully illustrated. Great for gifts!

Over 20,000 copies sold


How does a young child perceive the world? A book for mothers around the world who want to get in touch with their children’s deepest feelings.

Rights sold to:

China Korea Taiwan


Yoh Shomei

Born in Kumamoto prefecture in 1946. One of Japan’s most famous picture book author/illustrators, he received the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair Graphics Award in 1990. The best-selling NOT MINES, BUT FLOWERS picture book series carrying his original illustrations has sold over 500,000 copies. Recently, he has been working on the “mommy series” or “picture books that brighten mothers’ hearts,” creating a quiet boom among mothers in Japan.