The Rules of Fashion That the Angels Taught Me



143 pages / March 2015 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

A world-renowned designer learned from angels about fashion styles that bring luck!
A stylish good-luck charm is included!


Angels want us humans to be more fashionable and bring out our sparkle.
Angels like to see us looking our best, so being more fashion conscious helps us become more in touch with them. This is because the energy we give off is entirely different when we make adjustments to our appearance, such as adding one more piece of jewelry or playing with color combinations. The author of this book is LICA, a world-renowned designer who broke out in the Harajuku fashion scene in the 90s and garnered success with her participation in The Paris Collection. Growing up, LICA was also in touch with the invisible spiritual world. In this book, she talks about the existence of angels, the signs they are sending down to us, and specific fashion tips for attracting the attention of Archangels Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

The appendix includes the added sections “I made some extra cash,” “Someone professed their love to me,” and “I’m much calmer,” and the book comes with a St. Michael coin charm that will attract the miraculous voices of the angels. Let yourself and your life shine brighter by following fashion tips sent by angels.

(Coin charm size: 15mm in d, 1.2mm thick with a 60cm string)

From the table of contents

– A message from the angels
– Ask the name of your guardian angel
– A way to pray to get your wishes fulfilled and eliminate anxiety
– The St. Michael charm that brings happiness and puts you in touch with angels
– The keys to connecting with angels through fashion are “cleanliness” and “light”
– Fashion that puts you in touch with Archangel Raphael
– Fashion that puts you in touch with Archangel Uriel
– Fashion that puts you in touch with Archangel Gabriel
– Angel numbers — Math’s hidden secret
– What music pleases the angels?
– How to receive gifts from the angels

From the editor

About five years ago, I had an idea for a book that dealt with the relationship between fashion and spirituality, but there wasn’t anyone around to write it. About a year ago — just as I had given up on the idea — I was introduced to LICA. I was immediately certain that she is truly guided by angels.



LICA produces a clothing line called zechia and acts as supervisor at a school called SPICREATIVE LINK. She launched her fashion brand at age 24 and opened stores in Osaka and Tokyo, quickly becoming popular in the charismatic backstreets of Harajuku. Her dreams of becoming a well-known fashion designer came true when she took part in The Tokyo Collection and The Paris Collection, and worked as a designer on pop singer MISIA’s Asia tour. Later — due to having issues with the consumer market and quick fad changes — she held an art exhibition at one of Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institution museums and Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum called TOKYO RECYCLE PROJECT, working with fellow designers to promote upcycling.

On the other hand, she was able to revisit her spiritual side through Reiki and phytotherapy, visiting the Sedona Desert on a journey of self-discovery. This amazing experience inspired her to do various support work to share her experiences with spirituality. Along with fashion design, she also holds workshops and lectures and writes about the connection between spirituality and creativity. LICA has also co-authored two books with her husband and creative producer, FUMITO: Parallel Traveling and Synchronicity Card (joint publications with Hikaru Land).