If You Could Communicate With Animals

by Sachi Morinaga


222 pages / November 2014 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

The leading authority in animal communication tells us what "they" are really saying.


“If I could communicate with animals…”

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve surely considered this at least once. In fact, communicating with animals is by no means impossible, as it has become apparent that both humans and animals desire to form a strong emotional bond with one another. There are certainly those who scoff at the notion of communication with animals. However, if you only clear your mind and open your ears, you too can hear what they are “saying.”

“I love you, Mom (owner)!”
“I want to play outside longer.”
“My role in this house is to strengthen the family’s relationship.”

Animals do have these and other similar thoughts, and we can often be moved to tears or laughter by truly connecting with them. In this book, the author recounts her experiences of speaking with animals, sharing with us the true thoughts and feelings — particularly of cats and dogs — that are often ignored. I strongly recommend this book to pet owners who wish to deepen their ties with their pets, to troubled pet owners, and to those who are considering owning a pet in the future.

From the table of contents

– Story 01 What dogs really want to convey with their pesky, pointless barking: “I’m not a prince.”

– Story 03 What dog-hating dogs are secretly thinking: “I won’t let anything happen to Mom!”

– Story 06 A pet’s rebellion starts with the small things: “I always want to be the favorite!”

– Story 08 They love you with all their heart: “I’m all grown up now.”

– Story 11 No pet dies resenting their owner: “I’m very happy to have lived in this home.”

From the editor

Morinaga-san has a Golden Retriever and a number of other dogs in her office — all of which poked their heads between my legs and snuggled up to my feet as I sat and spoke with her about this book. For a person like me who has always wanted a pet — but doesn’t live in an environment that would allow such a privilege — I was in absolute bliss. Those were the most enjoyable meetings of my editing career, and I was a bit saddened when the project ended and I could no longer visit with them. I highly recommend this book, as pet owners and non-owners alike will no doubt find it a source of enlightenment.


Sachi Morinaga

Sachi Morinaga is an animal communicator from Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. Having always been around animals as a child, she grew up to make a career out of it. She also studied dog training and has been a prominent supporter of protection for dogs and cats. Later on, after her own dog became afflicted with atopic dermatitis, she tried a number of holistic skin care treatments and then began studying healing and relaxation techniques such as Reiki and Qigong in 2000. When she traveled overseas to attend an animal communication workshop with her dog in 2003, she was moved and inspired by the connection she was able to establish with her pet and began studying animal communication.
After officially beginning work as an animal communicator in 2004, Morinaga-san held countless sessions with animals, contributed to magazines and appeared on TV. She opened her own animal communication school in 2008, and to this day trains professional communicators.