How to Summon Fairies

by Ami Himenomiya


254 pages / January 2013 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

You'll find yourself being lucky time and time again!


Fairies are drawn to kind people. They stay beside us and are there to help us. If you are connected to a fairy, lots of wonderful, magical things will begin to happen.
This book explains how fairies come to exist and even explains basic methods of interacting well with fairies. When you know about fairies, you will probably also encounter them and feel them.
In order to get you more connected to fairies, this book also includes photos of beautiful natural areas that fairies love as well as charming pictures of fairies.

From the table of contents

A fairy that came on a cat’s back
Many people can see and feel fairies!
Fairies connect us to the universe
Fairies will lead you to your true self
Fairy magic will begin to take place
The goddess-like fairy in Japanese folklore that lives among the cherry blossoms

Rose fairies and lily fairies that are attracted to beautiful dresses
Fairies that are associated with objects and colors, and the “tiny old man”
How to apply the magic of beauty
The fairy magic of herb tea
Creating a place where fairies alight

From the editor

When you feel “There could be fairies here” or “They might look like this,” it could be that it is because you have already seen them physically and started interacting with them. Have you experienced that? Another thing is that if you think about fairies, you make a connection with the world of fairies.
Ms. Ami Himenomiya is a loving, beautiful, and charming person. I hope that everyone who reads this book will find a connection with fairies and have beautiful experiences by learning what she says about the role of fairies and how they work.


Ami Himenomiya

Ami Himenomiya has always been sensitive to the spirit world, and in 1986 she was visited by the soul of the holy goddess of motherhood, the source of all goddesses. She realized then that she alone had been bestowed with divine warmth and kindness, and she became the messenger of the heavenly goddess, bearing the light of the goddess’s love.
She goes to different places sharing knowledge on various simple lifestyles that harmonize with the warm breath of life, and her continual prayer is that love and happiness will spread to all corners of the earth.
Based in Tokyo, she conducts soul healing with refreshing “Grace Fountain Talk Sessions” all over Japan.
Her books include Goddesses of Harmony (Setsuwa) and CD Seven Days Meditation: The Goddess’ Healing (Jitsugyo Nihon) among others.