What Do the Elite Do When They Get Tired at Work?

by Shogo Sasaki

978-4-7631-3501-8 C0030

164 pages / November 2015 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

Solve these 36 psychology quizzes given by an expert in professional working proficiency to enhance your productivity!


Sometimes we’re unable to work as hard as we need to, feel low from making mistakes, don’t feel like going to work, or get tired at work. Dramatically improving work performance has nothing to do with talent or skill but with the mind. With this definitive book, the author, an expert in professional working proficiency, introduces a “business-meets-psychology” concept. The book includes multiple-choice quizzes that involve 36 business situations that would sound familiar to almost anyone, and the quizzes are designed to introduce ways of controlling your mind to improve work proficiency.

From the table of contents

– When’s the best time to take a work break?
– The best way to fix the habit of procrastination
– What’s the best remedy for depression caused by a big mistake at work?
– What to do when texting and social networking distract you from work

– What should you do when you don’t feel like going to work anymore?
– What’s the compensation for getting the best out of your subordinates?

– How to avoid cutting corners in large organizations
– What to do first when you’re worried about time constraints
– How to cope with having to go to business social gatherings when busy
– What to do when you can’t make time for things you really want to do

From the editor

Once the official title of the book had been decided, a meeting participant said, “You know, kangaroos look really lazy when they sleep all sprawled out.” At that moment it was decided that the book cover and illustrations inside would involve pictures of kangaroos. There would even be a kangaroo featured on the poster and other promotional materials used at bookstores. Before we knew it, even the promotion team had adopted the name “Team Kangaroo.” This was all in the hope that reading this book will hop, skip, and jump your work productivity into a more fruitful state.


Shogo Sasaki

Shogo Sasaki is a journalist of psychology who started the concept of “mind hacks.” His field is cognitive psychology. Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, in 1973, he graduated from Dokkyo University in 1997, then began working for DoCoMo Service, Incorporated. In 2001, he studied at Avila University School of Psychology in Kansas City, USA. After graduating, he moved to the University of Nevada, Reno, USA, to enter a program in experimental psychology in 2004. He currently discusses “mind hacks” on a research blog that deals with how to improve work conditions. As a bestselling author, his works include Speed Hacks, Team Hacks (in collaboration with Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing), 50 Ways to Stop Putting Things Off and Get Them Done ASAP (Kadokawa/Chukei), How to Instantly Motivate Your Brain (Sotechsha), and Life Hack Psychology (Toyo Keizai).