Why Are Decisive People Successful?

by Naoki Koseki


205 pages / June 2015 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

Whether it's a new project, a career change, relationships, love, travel, or moving, these are the four steps to quick decision making employed by successful people.


We all worry every day. That’s because we are all faced with decisions every day. It’s said that a business person makes an average of 70 decisions per day. We are constantly making decisions, at a rate of about 500 per week, or over 2,000 per month. Even when decisions only take about a minute to make, we spend over three hours a month just worrying. The difference between decisive action and a more measured approach can determine the degree of success we achieve. The reality is that many top business people make decisions at an alarmingly fast rate, and as a result achieve success. However, these people were not necessarily always so decisive. The ability to make decisions rapidly is not a function of personality or character.

So, what is the origin of this ability? What’s important is having the right tools, or in other words, using the right thought process. Simply rushing into making decisions without any thought won’t bring the desired results. If you don’t adopt the thought process needed for quick decision making, you’ll find yourself making hasty decisions that don’t hit the mark. This book provides easy-to-adopt “decision-making tools” and will help you make decisions quickly and accurately.

There are four important tips for decision-making:

– Trade-off
– The tree method
– Narrowing down
– Game theory

By learning and utilizing these four points, your decision-making skills will improve and dramatically change your performance at work. Reducing the amount of time you spend deciding will increase productivity and enhance the quality of your personal life. This book provides you with the necessary decision-making skills to save your time and improve your life.

From the table of contents

– Don’t choose the “sure thing”
– The speed and benefits of your decision making are proportionate
– Why the one who “didn’t make the cut” is important at a baseball draft
– Use the “decision-making tools” regardless of the degree of difficulty
– Follow these three steps for successful problem solving
– How to choose the perfect gift for your girlfriend
– The challenge of launching the Singapore chapter of the Albirex Niigata Football Club
– Successful people place priority on steady returns over chasing the big payday

From the editor

“Successful executives are really quick to make decisions.”
I’ve thought about this countless times while watching TV. Though I wanted to be that way, I remained the same. I was wishy-washy, worried too much, and always wished I could make quicker, clearer decisions. It was around this time that I met the author, who taught me his four “decision-making tools,” and once I put them into practice, I was able to make decisions much more quickly. These four “tools” are an important mind-set and the basis for making important decisions quickly. They can be applied to many aspects of life, from problems at work, planning, buying gifts, and party planning. Turn the time you spend worrying into extra time available to enjoy time you can enjoy.


Naoki Koseki

Naoki Koseki, born in Osaka, Japan, in 1970, is an author and businessman. He left Tsukuba University towards the end of his doctoral course in scientific research and business. He then attended business school at Waseda University, where he earned his MBA in Asia-Pacific studies, focusing on international business. He stays busy as an author outside of working at a corporation. This is his 3rd book to be published.