People and Money

by Hitori Saito


169 pages / October 2013 / 1,600 yen (w/o tax)

Master businessman and Japan's top taxpayer Hitori Saito shares what you need to know about interpersonal relationships and money.


Everyone worries about interpersonal relationships and money. According to Hitori Saito, good people are the most clueless about these things. So, how do you deal with those worries?
Pairing such unlikely themes in a single book is unusual even for Mr. Saito. People who want to solve whatever problems may arise in their lives in the coming year and start out with a new attitude should definitely read this book.
“Some people are said to be ‘good.’ They are kind and friendly to everyone, and they always provide help to people who need it. They are loving and wonderful people. But are they successful in everything they do? Unfortunately, the answer is no. We find here a message from God: While it’s important to be a good person, there are other things you have to learn about. Well, then, what are they? Money and interpersonal relationships.” (From the Introduction)

From the table of contents

Chapter 1: This is just for the “good people”!
Magic rules about money

Chapter 2: “Good people” can turn things around
Magic rules for the workplace

Chapter 3: “Good people” shouldn’t be taken for fools!
Magic rules about interpersonal relationships

Chapter 4: “Good people” should especially be happy!
Magic rules for grasping your own good fortune

From the editor

Mr. Saito always entertains our readers with various topics. When I received the manuscript for this book, I was honestly surprised because it is about interpersonal relationships and money, themes he had not written about before. He is able to write about these themes because for some time he has advocated the compatibility of emotional happiness and financial success. This book is packed with eye-opening subjects and ideas.


Hitori Saito

Mr. Saito is the founder of Ginza Marukan and is the highest-paying taxpayer in Japan. He was in the top 10 highest taxpayers for 12 consecutive years starting in 1993, setting a new record. While high taxpayers mostly deal in real estate and stock offerings, Mr. Saito’s case is unusual because all of his tax is on business income. He has published many books about combining emotional happiness with financial success. His main works include The Power of Subtle Differences, Insight (both by Sunmark); Top Shape, The Road to Happiness, Heaven on Earth (Longsellers); Success Methods Written by a Weirdo (Sogo Horei); and This Will Never Grow Old (Makino) among others.