Miracle Sales

by Masaaki Yamamoto


188 pages / July 2013 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

A regular guy got a new job with no previous experience at the age of 44. What's the secret behind his rise to the top from among 4,000 Sony Life Insurance employees?


There’s a salesperson at Sony Life Insurance with an astounding sales record which he has constantly improved. His name is Masaaki Yamamoto, author of this book. Without any previous experience in sales, he switched jobs at 44 against the strong advice of the people around him. Despite this daring move, he won Sony Life Insurance’s 2012 short-term competition for the highest number of closed deals, beating 4,000 other employees.
In this book, the number one salesperson at Sony Life Insurance teaches his sales skills to those who really want to succeed. Mr. Yamamoto says that what sets successful salespeople apart from those who aren’t so successful is whether or not they put the emphasis on client referrals.

Some people probably find this surprising, because introductions are regarded as mere preliminaries. The question, though, is whether salespeople give the utmost importance to these referrals. The author maintains that, unfortunately, salespeople who value the contacts they get when dealing with clients are rare.

Many salespeople focus only on the contract at hand, and most of them fail to follow through. On the other hand, when salespeople keep client referrals in mind, they succeed without exception. In other words, being aware of sales styles and knowing how to put the utmost emphasis on referrals can change your results and even shape your future.

Without knowledge, experience, or money, Mr. Yamamoto was at quite a disadvantage compared with his peers. His successful referral-focused sales style is an entirely new one, and it doesn’t require knowledge, experience, money, or anything special. Anyone who reads this book can put the theory into practice.

Readers can learn how to use questionnaires effectively. You can actually get leads and seal deals easily if you apply the information provided in a single questionnaire.

This is the first time an active, top salesperson at Sony Life Insurance has revealed the secrets of his success. It’s an extremely useful and valuable resource, a book that contains numerous approaches that a businessperson could do well to memorize. Also included is a wealth of other useful information, along with a recording that you can put to use right away. It’s quite a deal! Be sure to take a look

From the table of contents

-As a salesperson, you don’t have to start from scratch
-Don’t shy away from asking for second or even third favors
-No matter how well your sales talk is received, keep it to two hours
-If you evaluate your daily work, it will actually get easier
-Stressing the good points about price is bound to cause uneasiness
-“That’s a good question!” –The magic words
-Never show your disappointment when you’re turned down
-Choose a job with a success rate of 10% rather than 100%

From the editor

Since he joined his current company, Mr. Yamamoto has consistently secured two new contracts every week. Although I’ve never done any sort of sales work, I fully understand what a feat this is. I thought he would have an intense personality, but he’s a very kind, soft-spoken person. He’s starkly different from the top salesman I had imagined he would be. This is precisely what makes him someone people would really like to learn from. As mentioned in the book, he’s not a particularly smooth talker. Even so, he’s able to effortlessly fascinate people.
This book turned out very well. It’s filled with Mr. Yamamoto’s charm, and I can confidently recommend reading it.


Masaaki Yamamoto

Masaaki Yamamoto is a Sony Life Insurance salesperson who boasts an 80% success rate. Born in 1959 in Hyogo Prefecture, he started working for Sony Life Insurance as an insurance salesman when he was 44 years old and with no prior experience.
After making pitches to 100 acquaintances and failing to score a single sale, he suddenly found himself in a slump. It was when he met a certain client that he realized the most important thing in sales is introductions. He then established a sales method that focuses on client introductions, and before long his sales record began to improve. His success rate that had barely reached 30% rose to over 80%. In spite of having started working for the company only in his mid-40s, he held the number one position in sales at the Kobe Central Branch Office, the biggest in the country, for six consecutive years. He has received the president’s award twice before reaching the age of 60. He came in first out of 4,000 salespeople in a short-term company contest and brings in over 200 contracts every year. In only 10 years, he managed to maintain a consistent sales record over 460 weeks, dubbed “the 460-week miracle.” In fact, in those 10 years, he got more than two new contracts every week, and he still holds the record to this day.
Eighty percent of his clients give him referrals, and he gets an average of 2.5 referrals from each client. As a result, the referrals and his 200-contracts-a-year record have made him a miracle salesman.

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