Reliable Men and Unreliable Men

Advice from a Top Executive Assistant

by Mitsuka Nomachi


190 pages / June, 2012 / 1,400 yen (w/o tax)

A top-notch executive assistant who has worked with executives for 10 years talks about the difference between reliable men and unreliable men.


Trust is the key to communication. However, many people say that they don’t know how to build mutual trust.
During the 10 years that the author has worked with executives, he has noticed that generally they are well regarded by all, and that distinguished executives with excellent careers share one thing in common: they are reliable.
This book outlines 35 ways to become a reliable person that the author learned from executives. It can help you become a trustworthy man, and you can build even richer relationships with the people around you.

From the table of contents

1 Trustworthy men know that trust is intangible
3 Trustworthy men don’t need to show off their status
5 Trustworthy men are quick to say thank you
10 Trustworthy men know what real pride is
14 Trustworthy men are considerate of others
18 Trustworthy men value their partners
20 Trustworthy men don’t control; they manage
26 Trustworthy men speak through their actions
27 Trustworthy men have a seasoned charm
31 Trustworthy men have a life philosophy
33 Trustworthy men can tell confidence from overconfidence

From the editor

Do people trust you?
That’s the question in the introduction of this book. The first time I read this question, I was taken aback. Trust is key in relationships between people. As I was editing this book, I decided that I too want to be a person people can rely on. I recommend this book for men and women alike.


Mitsuka Nomachi

After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University’s Department of Anglo-American Literature, Mitsuka Nomachi started working at a trading company. He later pursued a master’s degree in education at The University of Queensland and then returned to Japan. In 2000, he started working for foreign executives as an assistant. For about 10 years, he worked in various global environments, assisting senior executives at foreign businesses such as securities companies, pharmaceutical companies, a well-established jewelry brand, and others. He is one of the few Japanese to pass the prestigious Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam. In addition to working as a world-class executive assistant, he also gives lectures and seminars on vitality and communication in the workplace with a focus on “thoughtfulness” as the main theme.
Other books he has written include the bestseller 45 Habits of Attentive People (Cross Media Publishing), Work Techniques for the Perfect Co-worker (Poplar), and It’s in the DNA: Japanese Women, Thoughtfulness and Supportiveness (Shogakukan) among others.