Act the Fool and Be Successful

The Fool Is No Fool

by Kazuyoshi Komiya


159 pages / May 30, 2011 / 1,300 yen (w/o tax)

A sharp-eyed successful business consultant shares his discovery of the principles of success.


Acting the fool is a great thing, and those willing to do it live their lives to the fullest and have amazing experiences. Kazuyoshi Komiya, a business consultant well known for having a different way of looking at things, has an explanation for this phenomenon. A considerable number of successful businesspeople consistently perform menial tasks such as arranging shoes or cleaning the toilet without uttering a word about it. They are able to take on large responsibilities because they can do the little things. This valuable book presents seemingly naive directions that are actually very important principles of success. It is packed with advice on how to change your life in unexpected ways.

From the table of contents

– Start with the little things-the only way to change your life
– Thinking is good, doing is better
– How to go from being good at something to being the best.
– Enjoy doing the tough job-the most effective way to work
– Study the essence of work when not working
– Are you willing to point out weaknesses that only you can see?
– How to meet people who will lead you to your destiny
– The greatest joy-benefitting others as you benefit yourself
– Three steps to becoming the fool
– Be more afraid of being unprepared for death than of death itself.

From the editor

This is a compelling book. As I was reading it, time and again I felt as though the author, Mr. Komiya, were addressing me directly. I felt empowered! The foreword says that people on the path of success definitely have a foolish side to them, and -I truly believe this. It’s clear that people who are willing to do something that might seem foolish are in fact outstanding people. I deeply feel that although doing your very best and being earnest in whatever you do are easy to disregard as irrelevant, they are actually the most important. There is something in this book for everyone and in whatever situation. I recommend that everyone read it carefully and thoughtfully.


Kazuyoshi Komiya

Kazuyoshi Komiya is a business consultant and CEO of Komiya Consultants. He is currently also a non-executive director for more than a dozen companies. Born in 1957 in Osaka Prefecture, he graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Law and acquired his MBA at Dartmouth College’s Amos Tuck School of Business Administration. He worked at the Bank of Tokyo (now Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ), Okamoto Associates, and Japan Welfare Service (now Saint-Care Holdings).
He has written a number of books, including Do the Obvious Even When It Feels Foolish, Life Principles (Sunmark) Training Seminar on Discovery Skills for Businesspeople (Discover 21), Read a Financial Statement in One Second! (Toyo Keizai Shimbun Publishing), A CEO’s Textbook (Diamond), and Understanding the Japanese Economy (Nikkei BP), among others.